Getting into the groove

So happy to be back at the races, even with the pandemic provisions still in place. Actually the spaced grid has brought some benefits and seems a bit less frantic, so long as riders know their allotted row and go to it. The regular hill start going up the road climb whichever way brings a new dimension to the early phase of each race and it’s our aim to place racers alongside those of similar speed for close racing and fewer bottlenecks at the beginning.

Work over the winter to prepare the trails has been greatly helped by the first two races taking place just after bouts of much-needed rain that fell on rock hard dry clay. We actually use a rotavator to churn the sloppy ground in winter with the aim of giving it a second going-over and then raking to create that groove of fast flowing singletrack that gets its final polish in early races. You’ll find it around our courses this year.


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