Month: May 2023

Round 2 – Dodging the rain

Update: 12 May All you Beastway riders are stars now with Honor Elliott’s short about Theo’s first go at MTB racing at this year’s R2 . Theo said it’s quite hard but also fun and next time Honor might ride too. It’s catching and it’s friendly, this Beastway thing. Thanks for coming!!

They say they are looking for a young videographer to do some filming for them next week.

Honor & Theo Youtube channel: Like and Hit Subscribe!!


A nice turnout

These lovely people lined up for the start at 19:30 and were off to get a bit muddy, though luckily we dodged the rain all around and your course was nowhere near as muddy as it could have been if we’d stuck to the course plan made before this happened;

A little before and after during and later during Tuesday’s massive storm. POV moved slightly back owing to lightning strike hazard on the large tree under which shelter was being taken. Everything running in water and thoroughly swamped

These pics were taken in a section called Sundowner which was being prepared for Wednesday’s race. The two trails were to be run downhill in duel mode but this section and several others were cut out of the final course because of bog risk.

Your organisers do get occasional suggestions that we could do a ‘top covering’ of gravel. We always smile and look into the distance because we know it takes around 100kg of material per metre of trail to be worthwhile so a kilometer of trail is 100,000kg, or maybe 2000 very heavy barrow loads to shovel and cart from a dump….we’re looking for ¬£¬£¬£volunteers…

It’s muddy. Get used to it. We live in a beautiful green country and we have enough rain to sustain the water needs of over 65m people as well. London is famed for its clay substrate. This isn’t North Wales shale and flint, nor Bagshot sand; it’s Hainault. We always do what we can with the conditions and sometimes we take a chance that a section will hold up, when we know we will get grumps from some riders about the mud.
– It’s worth bearing in mind that if everybody rides through a section on more or less the same line on a dry day, a section will very quickly get squeegeed rideable and nicely grooved out for the rest of the series as the ground gets drier / harder. Once even a single person decides, ‘oh, it’s quicker to get off and run’ this deal is off and you surely will be running in a swamp.

Anyhow, we are looking forward to later in the series as things surely will dry out and the overgrowth will slow a bit to give the mower (it is an occupation as well as an object…) a bit of a rest.

See you at round THREE! Enter here