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Tour of the Cornfields. The original Gravel ride. Since 2006


Entry now open! Click here to enter. Please note you do not have to be a member of British Cycling to take part and all are welcome to come and ride the 100km loop which is suitable for Gravel, Cyclocross, Mountain or even old steel road bikes. 

Last year’s Tour of the Cornfields SUNDAY 4 SEPTEMBER 2022  Harlton, near Royston.

Your ride times are in. Click here and use the password ToC22

Ian Lambert has taken three whole albums of rider photos which can be freely downloaded and kept. 
Note; this in-page viewer is not the greatest – Click on the image to open the album correctly, where you can download images to keep.





Cycling Podcast credited us with being early on the scene in their look at Gravel With a mention at 19’30”. Has it taken people this long to realise Tour of the Cornfields is the original Gravel event?! Of course we are sending them an invitation to join us once more (challenge accepted…).

There are numerous videos out there by now, each giving a flavour of the ride on offer


No Hopfields this year. We are working on something for 2023…

________________P R E V I O U S _________ E V E N T S ______________________

What a day! After all of August under heavy cloud, this was the first day of full sunshine. We ramped-up the water supplies and worried that hot pies might not be the thing for a 24°C kind of day. No need to worry, not when there’s hungry riders at the feed far earlier than ever, thanks to the dusty gravel and trail sections. We promise somosas next year, when we will have a guaranteed direct supplier.
Ian Lambert was out on course taking photographs so there will be a full gallery of pics for us to link to soon.
Meanwhile, here are the rider times listed out in alphabetical order so you can see how you did, relative to others.

Thanks to all who rode, but especially to all who helped and key co-organisers who give so much time to all this. Lee Valley Youth CC and helpers will be getting a good club contribution and once again we are pleased to be supporting Mark Wyer’s cyclocross coaching sessions and look forward to an announcement about further sessions targeted to get more people into ‘cross more often.

Here’s your ride times listed by surname alphabetical order;-


This is the country’s original and best off-road sportive. Founded in 2006 by Mark Wyer of Ashwell CC and run by Beastway for several years now. We have been steadily polishing and improving this event to bring you better riding on 100km of bridleways, byways and lanes of South Cambridgeshire, N Hertfordshire, Central Bedfordshire and possibly a bit of Huntingdonshire too. A stop for tea and cake at a wonderful village hall is mandatory. We keep these events low-key for the sake of everyone’s enjoyment and you are positively encouraged to be relaxed and friendly whilst covering a fair old distance along green lanes, field edges and some short sections on small country roads. You can take a look at how long people typically take from seeing previous year’s editions below.


TOUR OF THE HOPFIELDS – A last hurrah (for now)


With the dial set to a perfect autumn day, over seventy riders gathered in social-distanced line to enter the first of many woodland trails and get on the way – And what a way.

Starts were all made by 9.23 as riders set out to the first summit up a beautiful woodland ride with a deceptively treacherous sandy trail. What had the organiser mumbled about the ‘large steps up’?. These were made local giants, surely? Fortunately, the ridgeway through ancient woodland was a just reward for strained legs.

The riders’ goal was the feed stop, a mere 54km along bridleways, byways and lanes so it couldn’t take over three, or even four hours could it? Oh, the joys of Rooks Hill, a perfect wooded lane that turns to dirt as it descends a Wealden scarp in a stony hollow-way, going down so steeply the road-makers machinery must be long-abandoned nearby. Sure enough, in seconds you are nearly at Tonbridge, but the course takes you sharp right and along a byway that keeps to lower slopes, leading into an unmade road that starts out on the level but really does take you all the way up to the skyline.

Along the ridge at picturebook village of Ide Hill (‘I ride along that road all the time and honestly had no idea there’s such a view from inside the woods’ was one comment), descending past the first National Trust property of the day to some innocuous-looking woodland trail which suddenly and for no apparent reason takes a left turn to some crazy-steep wide loamy descent that ends just as suddenly in a stony chute headed right again. Weave on through a network of lanes, forest tracks and field-edge bridleways, past the posh farm gates – there really is a bridleway there – and you pop out into some forest roads on gravel and abruptly into the suburbs of Sevenoaks. Getting away from there on a tiny lane and you’re suddenly in North Kent villages and tight little valleys with devilishly steep sides. Beware the byways here, as they turn from easy-going green lanes or hedged hollow-ways into technical descents that feature mini-ravines filled with flints as big as your head. Yes, welcome to the North Downs. Eventually descending off-road you come out on a zig-zig road leading down to the Pilgrim’s Way of Chaucer fame and into the village of Wrotham, a bypassed backwater of the North Downs.


Just in time for tea! Right here! Now with the Beastway organisations’ signature savoury of the veg somosa and some fine Italian deli pastries. Take your time in autumn sun on the verandah – we stop the clock as riders check in – grab a banana, cereal bar and water ready for the second half.

Or you could take the published 8km short cut back to the start which definitely found support. You’ll still get a time and you sure did have a ride.

Out of the feed and you’re back on the Pilgrim’s Way, looking over long rolls of fields sloping away from the North Downs. But what’s this? Up?! An ancient chalky hollow way leads to back lanes and a byway that simply insists you visit another tiny valley before a village complete with pub and windmill looking over the village cricket green. An almost surfaced hedged-in tunnel and, oh we’re not done yet as these byways have tricksy ways; rolling easy off a ridge to a chalky slip-slope that’s almost too steep for walking up. More ace off-road messing around on little bridleways, down a lovely field-edge descent and you’re into a tiny valley lane past an old church and vineyards that have replaced hops. Away from this easy stretch and back up a forest track to weave past puddles on a lovely wooded ridge-line byway that would not be out of place in rainforest highlands.

Descending steeply on tarmac and then careful to find the right turn into the Pilgrim’s Way where it’s at its most off-road, swooping along and eventually making a long straight descent diagonally down to reach the network of lanes headed South towards the Weald. As we’re in a wide valley, why not choose a bridleway that has a ford in it?


Or is there a bridge? Out of sight to those going too fast to take in what’s around them! Only three riders we know went through and here are two of them. Darn it, we missed that photo-opp by only a minute.

The Weald is starting to slope up now and it’s into the large expanse of Mereworth Woods. This was sandy fast-rolling tracks in the days of late summer when our recons finalised the route, but in the month since, some massive forestry vehicles have churned up the first section, leading riders on a dance from side to side, seeking out the line of least resistance. Across the road that cuts through the forest and riders were back onto long gravel roads with the firm fast rolling we expected.

Time for another valley to be crossed, this time with an added dirt road along a stream. More hedged lane climbing into a sweet little village hiding the horrid truth of a freshly ploughed field up a hillside bridleway. Farmer’s got to farm, and riders moved on to the longest, grassiest descent of the whole day, so they may not have taken-in the views that reach as far as the South Downs.


Is this scenic enough for you as a way past a historic English building?! And there’s a tea-room right next to it.

No rider by now is in any doubt that a wonderful descent will be followed by a wicked climb, so they may have started out up a solid stony farm track with some optimism: – Steep, sure but not painful and an easy rolling surface. Round a turn and the lane goes left but the route goes right, up another ridge on sand and broken bedrock that has no set gradient apart from ‘savage’. This doesn’t last too long, however and this must be the top as a tolerably level groove of fine dirt crests the ridge with views all round. All that climbing done, and the descent starts smooth and fast to a shoulder on the ridge where the trees open out to reveal – The most massive grassy climb, which after 94k brought many a honed athlete to their last reserves. Up there and mercifully there’s an easy roll out on a wooded lane, a lovely bridleway track, the last short sharp climb on tarmac and back into the forest ridge ridden first thing. Drop down into the start / finish a different way, coming out on the loveliest valley road to claim that chocolate medal, as preferred by every true rider.


Nearly the last finishers home at 17:51. 8h42 out there, 8h00 riding!

That’s what we call a winning performance since they had the most fun (apart from the bit with the dog running out and causing a crash… but that was OK too). Last finisher came in at 18:07.

Photos used in this story are by Michael Humphreys who was busy all day and James Lloyd who was riding all day.

Photo galleries are also published by;-
Basil Thornton –
Ian Lambert –



Here are your times
And no, Max Bolton, you don’t ‘win’ a non-competitive event.


There is never enough time to take photos or to thank everyone who makes this event possible. Special thanks to Harlton Cricket Club and the farm, especially Simon, Ben and their father without whom we would not have been able to put on our event – yes, we’d like to come back next year Please! Same goes for The Eco Hub at Gamlingay with its fabulous kitchen where Tom, Julie, Chris, Louise and lots of other LVYCC family helpers put up a lovely spread and oh, those somosas were delicious. Bruce and Hugo for your amazing work over two solid days to put up the waymarkers. Chris, Jarvis, Uma, Hugo for bossing the car parking, mailings and general info-wrangling. Debbie on the First Aid.  LVYCC and Bob doing the sweep.  All the ruts and mud (you know who you are…)

Next up:-

The new ‘Tour of the Hopfields’ is from the same team and run along the same lines, but it’s in Kent!  It has been salvaged from the ashes of 2020 calendar and we ride again on Sunday 11 October. This will be another course made up of as much bridleway and byways as can be found in the beautiful Kentish countryside.


 Limited entry low-key classic off-road events            \/ Enter below \/

Both these events are founded on the same principle: It’s fun to ride a bike off-road in good company and to just keep going, maybe with some nice cake and a cup of tea half way round.

Ever since Mark Wyer of Ashwell CC founded Tour of the Cornfields in 2006 there has been a growth of ‘Gravel Rides’; well this is the original.  Beastway took on the organisation around 2015 and brought the move to a prestigious start / finish at the National Trust’s Wimpole Estate.  We keep it small so the byways, bridleways and lanes don’t get rammed to slow you down or inconvenience others you meet on the way round.
Byways and bridleways are a beautiful heritage to explore wonderful countryside.  These off-road sportives are a way of doing it in great company along very carefully researched and ridden 100km routes.  We provide files for your GPS on the eve, and you can pick up route guides on the day of the event.  Course marking is subtle but reassuring, and it’s all collected after.
Tour of the Cornfields has always been a fixture on the Eastern Region Cyclocross circuit and in return we help provide workshops for young riders wanting to learn about cross. Tour of the Hopfields adds a South Eastern (LCCA) dimension to this and we look forward to developing more young riders.
British Cycling classify these events as off-road sportives. They continue to be popular and MTBs are welcome, but you’re best on a gravel or cyclocross bike. We don’t do medals or ‘merch’ and they are unsupported rides for the self-reliant (though we have been known to rescue the odd rider).
Tour of the Cornfields has Cambridgeshire’s wide open skies in late summer, taking in field edges and old drove roads.
Tour of the Hopfields is a new event but it’s on ways we’ve used before and places we ride all the time. The North Downs and Wealden country of West Kent offers some decent changes of elevation and we even take you along the Pilgrim’s Way of Chaucer fame.

Both rides feature a mandatory refreshments stop at a classic village hall. You’re sure to pass many a splendid country pub, whilst Tour of the Hopfields starts and ends at one!

Tour of the Hopfields  – Sunday 11 October 2020  **New Event**
More info and enter Tour of the Hopfields here (to be updated with rescheduled date of 11 October)

Tour of the Hopfields is 100km on byways, bridleways and lanes on the Kent edges of London, roughly where the M25/M26/M20 form a triangle. Our start and finish is at a country pub with a huge garden and lots of parking. We’ll get you started just after 9am and meet you half way round with a serving of tea and cake at a lovely village hall where there’s a cricket match going on. Back at the finish you can take your time and enjoy the pub food and well, yeah,  a beer.

Tour of the Cornfields – Sunday 6 September 2020
More info and enter Tour of the Cornfields here

Tour of the Cornfields is the country’s original off-road sportive, run since 2006. This year it’s on Sunday 6 September around 100km of byways, bridleways and lanes from the National Trust’s Wimpole Hall. The ride is now a classic and our low-key approach is appreciated by the select few who ride it. Strictly max 300 riders.


Here are your Tour of the Cornfields 2019 edition Rider Times
We had a lot of fun preparing the courses and it was good to be rewarded with so many positive comments on the day and since.  We’re already thinking about 2020 and working on some changes with the National Trust who are pleased to have us back.  See you for the next Tour of the Cornfields.  – Hold the good weather for us!


Tour of the Cornfields 2020   Sunday 6 September

Our 100k off-road sportive is ideal for cross and gravel bikes. It’s the perfect loosener on the eve of the cyclocross season. Mountain bike riders like it too because it’s a grand day out with some interesting trail sections around.

From the National Trust’s Wimpole Estate, you head out into the beautiful countryside south and west of Cambridge just after harvest. Byways, bridleways and country lanes take you around field edges, ancient ways and hedged byways to one of the best cake stops ever, before bringing you back to the paddock in front of the stately Wimpole House. There’s a 50k option too; and did we mention the cakes?

Thanks to Bernie Verrills for this video of his day out in 2018. – See the cake?

Entry to the 2020 edition opens in mid April and will quickly sell out as we limit entries to only 300 riders to keep it special. You get to choose what small group you go with in our interval starts. The ride may not be easy but it is very sociable with minimal trail friction on a properly organised ride that’s approved by the Safety Action Groups of each county and based at a prestigious venue.

Your entry fee includes a properly risk-assessed and recce’d route which is minimally marked because we send out the route files in FIT, TCX and GPX format for your navigation device. We also do an image of the route, together with turn-by-turn instructions if you’re a bit less tech-minded. In general the vibe of the ride will carry you around, even if you are always getting lost.
And yes, you will also get lots of tea and cake at the stop, where there’s an enclosed paddock with a marshall on the gate to check you in and out. Plenty of drink and bananas to power your homeward 50k.
The event-devoted car parking at Wimpole is safe and free for NT members, or only £2 for the full use of all their facilities.
The ride is unsupported but it’s been carefully researched in advance to make this an enjoyable course that’s all pleasant to ride and – important, this – it won’t take you anywhere you shouldn’t go. Of course we have an emergency plan that we won’t enact if it’s just a puncture or your chain’s come off. We have been known to make a broken bike rescue and our first aid did fetch someone and take them to hospital (…wasn’t our fault) but don’t go thinking there’s a sag wagon or taxi service in case you overdid it at a country pub or three.
Main thing: Tour of the Cornfields a fun and social event that takes you on a very enjoyable route with great scenery.
Join our FB group and then get your entry in just as soon as we tell you it’s open.


We rode the Tour of the Cornfields again on Sunday 2 September 2018. It was a glorious sunny day with a light breeze and 25degC summer heat. Salty kit and thirsty riders.

Here’s how long it took riders to get around. Apologies if we’ve missed you, or got you wrong. There are some we know took a shorter route home but we don’t have a 75 km category so these have been included in the 50 km timings. Riders who did not sign in and out at Potton only get 1 minute deducted, when they could have spent ages filling up on tea and cake without losing any time at all.



The routes have been sent to pre-entered riders on 31 August. There is some entry on the day, but please let us know you are coming by email to cornfields2016’at’ Entry on the day costs £30 for the 50km route and £35 for the 100km.

Navigation by GPS highly recommended!


Our start procedure is basic and it works. We gather you into groups of around 25 riders and collect your start number tags into an envelope with the start time noted on it. These are processed onto a finish time grid. – No start time; no timed finish.



Cyclo-Cross Youth Development Days – August 2018

Cyclo-Cross Coach Mark Wyer has teamed up with the Tour of the Cornfields/Beastway team to run two Cyclo-Cross Youth Development days once again this summer.

Mark says;

The sessions are designed for novices through to more experienced riders to improve their cyclo-cross skills ready for the new season. The sessions will cover all the key cyclo-cross skills including starting, cornering, mounting and dismounting, climbing and descending. Youth riders aged 7 – 16 from all regions are welcome.

Thanks to support from The Tour of the Cornfields/Beastway, we can offer the sessions for just £5 for the day (plus a booking fee).

The dates and venues are:

Thursday 23rd August at Welwyn Track:

Thursday 30th August at Maglia Rosso:

We use the steep and challenging banks around Welwyn Track for the first day. These are regularly used for winter training by the successful Welwyn Wheelers cyclo-cross team. Maglia Rosso is a destination bike shop and cafe near Bury St Edmunds with its own cyclo-cross circuit.


Tour of the Cornfields 2017 – A great day out


With the trails almost all dried out from a rather damp August your organisers had worked out a few changes to include more new sections. However a friendly contact from one of the local farms meant we felt it best to re-route away from their busy operations. That meant simply reversing the 2016 edition to go the other way round: No shame in that, it seemed because that meant our longest road section came with added tailwind bringing riders to the refreshments stop. The improved signage scheme was well received and the way our GPS files were delivered from the blog had worked much better than last year’s effort too.

The trails on the ground on GPS had all been carefully checked as we set out the course markings.  – These things are always a work in progress so if you have any comments we’re here to listen. There is one constant:- We won’t knowingly give out the route to people who haven’t entered in advance and it’s likely we will be full for the 2018 edition.

There were some unlucky riders who punctured in a couple of sections where hedges had been trimmed on the day as farmers cleared up from harvest time. We still recommend slimed tubes or tubeless tyres if you must.

We’re also sorry if we missed you at the finish in the Arrington gate when a householder cut their grass  – and our sprayed-on course marking with it – right where the 100 popped out of the last off-road section. We heard about that and got it fixed within about 30 minutes but if you ended up coming back in the car park entry we’re sorry about that.

Anyhow, here are the times. This wasn’t a race so we decided to order them in shortest to longest ride time order.


Queries, corrections, positive comment always welcome at cornfields2016’at’


We’ve already set the date for our 2018 edition. Sunday 2 September. See you then. Entry will still be limited to just 300 entrants and we get a lot of love for our low-key approach. We’ll try to get a whole new route sorted for you.

2017 entrants will receive a priority email when we get 2018 entries open, unless you notify us that you don’t want to know.


Tour of the Cornfields 2016 – A successful harvest safely home


Bruce and Michael spent two days marking the course and pre-riding the off-road section to be sure it was all passable and safe. Saturday’s weather was awful at the end but Sunday stayed dry and a keen breeze helped harden the mud, but not before a few got bogged in the first section heading N to Kingston from Old Wimpole Road.


Sign on and car parking all ran smoothly for the just over 200 riders taking part and soon all assembled for the start waves to go off from 09.06 to 09.22. Good humour and solidarity was the order of the day as riders made their way out of the Wimpole Estate and out on to the lanes, byways and bridleways of four counties for the 100km loop. Riders using GPS were soon finding many new friends for the ride as this proved once again the most reliable way to stay on route.

Michael made his way to the first 50 / 100 routes split at East Hatley to note that the signage had been removed. Time to replace this and already at 10.00 riders were starting to come through the 15km distance with smiles on their faces and positive comments about the way so far.


Many more secteurs and road sections later, the riders came into the refreshments stop at Potton with delight at the roman road and the wooded section after the lumpy field climb. Teas, drinks and much cake was administered to restore those bodies. A second half of the tour brought a long road section S to help settle the stomach ready for a byway section (mind the mattress…) down to Ashwell where the long Drift secteur right over to Melbourn began. A steady tailwind probably helped progress as riders went on past Fowlmere to Thripwell onto The Drift which crosses the M11. N on lanes to Hauxton and then the secteur up farm road and across meadows by the River Cam. The final secteur known as ‘Dream Big’ proved tough with a cross/headwind on the looong grassy climb. Riders popped out at the top of Old Wimpole Road and on down to get their finish time just at the entry to Wimpole. Fastest time on the day was by James Watson at 4h13′, recorded by Bruce at 13.38. Arrivals peaked some time between 14.30 and 15.00.

The 50km riders enjoyed 15km of the full route before cutting SW at East Hatley and on to Wrestlingworth. S and E from Potton to Guilden Morden and back to Croydon up the ridge past the abandoned village. Their final secteur started N from Croydon church on the roadways of Manor Farm and through a long rooty bridleway section to the Ermine Way A1198 where they rejoined the full route returning to the finish in Old Wimpole Road.

Riders reported they enjoyed the lanes, tracks, byways and bridleways which gave them some wonderful views and great riding. Less wind and fewer bumpy bits next year please. Some fast rides at the pointy end and good company all way round. Apologies to anyone who got lost, but hey: It’s all Cornfields.

There’s a gallery on our facebook page

See you again next year! …and at Beastway in the meantime.

Here are the riders’ times after a short testimonial from a rider who took part;-

“Just a quick note to say what an enjoyable (apart from the last hill/headwind!) day yesterday was. It felt quite different from last year – I’m not sure if that was due to the route or the weather. It’s so refreshing, given the current slew of identikit sportives, to have an event that harks back to a more enjoyable, less corporate age. With great tea and cakes.  

It wouldn’t happen without a lot of time invested by a lot of people, so just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks!”

100km Tour of the Cornfields

No. Forename Surname Club / Team Name Cat Gender Start Time Finish Time Ride Time
167 James Watson M 09:25:00 13:38:00 04:13:00
188 Matthew Laws Dulwich Paragon M 09:14:00 13:31:00 04:17:00
010 Timothy Bailey North Bucks RC M 09:10:00 13:27:00 04:17:00
140 Greg Simcock Team Corley Cycles M 09:10:00 13:27:00 04:17:00
141 Katy Simcock Team Corley Cycles F 09:10:00 13:27:00 04:17:00
049 Leo Falkner St Ives CC M 09:22:00 13:47:00 04:25:00
126 Fran Rizzuti M 09:14:00 13:40:00 04:26:00
033 Pete Crossley M 09:16:00 13:50:00 04:34:00
183 Vincent Friedlander Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) M 09:06:00 13:41:00 04:35:00
110 Andrew Newman London Phoenix CC M 09:14:00 13:50:00 04:36:00
032 Chris Cornish M 09:16:00 13:53:00 04:37:00
005 Isaac Anstee Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club M 09:16:00 13:56:00 04:40:00
114 David Olney Pedalworks Performance Team M 09:16:00 13:57:00 04:41:00
046 Chris English Southend Wheelers M 09:18:00 13:59:00 04:41:00
098 Keith Luetchford M 09:08:00 13:50:00 04:42:00
069 Lee Hill Newmarket Cycling&Triathlon Club M 09:08:00 13:52:00 04:44:00
030 Geoff Cooper M 09:16:00 14:01:00 04:45:00
020 Kurt Broad Revel Outdoors M 09:26:00 14:12:00 04:46:00
127 James Robertson Welwyn Wheelers CC M 09:08:00 13:54:00 04:46:00
053 Andrew Garvie VC Revolution M 09:12:00 13:59:00 04:47:00
062 David Hadsley Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) M 09:06:00 13:54:00 04:48:00
124 Jeremy Prodger Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) M 09:06:00 13:54:00 04:48:00
119 Tim Phillips M 09:08:00 13:56:00 04:48:00
037 Ian Darnell Cambridge CC M 09:12:00 14:01:00 04:49:00
178 Jeff Woods Athlonsport M 09:12:00 14:02:00 04:50:00
179 Steve Woods Cambridge CC M 09:12:00 14:02:00 04:50:00
154 Graham Steven Cambridge Triathlon Club M 09:12:00 14:02:00 04:50:00
025 Justin Chase M 09:12:00 14:02:00 04:50:00
176 sara willhoit F 09:12:00 14:02:00 04:50:00
132 Gavin Rumbles CC Luton M 09:06:00 13:57:00 04:51:00
050 Noah Field Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) M 09:06:00 13:57:00 04:51:00
151 Dave Spragg Kingston Wheelers CC M 09:08:00 13:59:00 04:51:00
120 Vincent Plosky M 09:08:00 13:59:00 04:51:00
063 Joseph Halloran Cambridge CC M 09:10:00 14:02:00 04:52:00
184 Rob Selby M 09:16:00 14:09:00 04:53:00
128 Andrew Robertson Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) M 09:06:00 13:59:00 04:53:00
045 Mark Endersby M 09:06:00 13:59:00 04:53:00
038 Stephen Davidson M 09:08:00 14:02:00 04:54:00
137    Holly    Seear    700CC        F    09:08:00 14:02:00 04:54:00
015 Gavin Bench Verulam CC M 09:12:00 14:07:00 04:55:00
173 Andy Whitaker Verulam CC M 09:12:00 14:07:00 04:55:00
093 Steve Lightfoot Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) M 09:06:00 14:01:00 04:55:00
094 Adam Lightfoot Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) M 09:06:00 14:01:00 04:55:00
001 Mark Wyer Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) M 09:06:00 14:01:00 04:55:00
079 Malcolm Jacklin Fenland Clarion CC M 09:14:00 14:12:00 04:58:00
113 Lynda Olney Pedalworks Performance Team F 09:16:00 14:17:00 05:01:00
006 Mark Anstee Pedalworks Performance Team M 09:16:00 14:18:00 05:02:00
157 Tony Summers Chelmer CC M 09:12:00 14:16:00 05:04:00
044 Simon Edwards M 09:12:00 14:19:00 05:07:00
090 Richard Lawrence Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) M 09:06:00 14:13:00 05:07:00
012 Matthew Barnes Velo Schils – Interbike RT M 09:08:00 14:16:00 05:08:00
088 russ ladkin M 09:22:00 14:33:00 05:11:00
095 Tom Lloyd Cycling Club Hackney M 09:14:00 14:27:00 05:13:00
065 Alan Headland Watton Wheelers M 09:16:00 14:29:00 05:13:00
147 edward smith M 09:18:00 14:31:00 05:13:00
148 Helen Smith F 09:18:00 14:31:00 05:13:00
017 Tony Berlin M 09:14:00 14:29:00 05:15:00
051 Peter Flynn M 09:14:00 14:29:00 05:15:00
155 Peter Stewart M 09:12:00 14:30:00 05:18:00
172 Terry Whalley Ford Cycling Club M 09:12:00 14:31:00 05:19:00
149 Yeshpaul Soor Lea Valley CC M 09:12:00 14:31:00 05:19:00
145 Gary Smith Lee Valley Velo M 09:12:00 14:31:00 05:19:00
019 Neil Bradley Maldon & District CC M 09:12:00 14:31:00 05:19:00
086 Daniel King M 09:12:00 14:31:00 05:19:00
016 Chris Seymour M 09:22:00 14:41:00 05:19:00
139 Christopher Seymour M 09:22:00 14:41:00 05:19:00
047 Paul Evans St Ives CC M 09:16:00 14:36:00 05:20:00
077 Slavik Ivantsiv St Ives CC M 09:16:00 14:36:00 05:20:00
075 Alan Humes St.ives cc M 09:16:00 14:36:00 05:20:00
014 Alan Bates M 09:10:00 14:32:00 05:22:00
169 Peter Webb M 09:10:00 14:32:00 05:22:00
018 Robert Boult Scottish MTB Leaders Association M 09:22:00 14:44:00 05:22:00
081 Neil Jago M 09:22:00 14:44:00 05:22:00
013 Anthony Bartlett Team Corridori M 09:10:00 14:33:00 05:23:00
056 Geraldine Glowinski VC Londres F 09:10:00 14:33:00 05:23:00
152 Richard Stagg M 09:06:00 14:35:00 05:29:00
181 Mike Clover St Ives CC M 09:16:00 14:45:00 05:29:00
089 Ian Lambert M 09:16:00 14:46:00 05:30:00
103 John McMahon M 09:22:00 14:52:00 05:30:00
129 Nigel Routledge M 09:08:00 14:41:00 05:33:00
008 Daniel Armstrong Ilkley Cycling Club M 09:14:00 14:48:00 05:34:00
039 Anthony Davies M 09:14:00 14:48:00 05:34:00
064 Martin Hawker M 09:20:00 14:57:00 05:37:00
123 Rob Powell M 09:20:00 14:57:00 05:37:00
134 Anthony Scarpa M 09:12:00 14:50:00 05:38:00
135 Sasha Scarpa F 09:12:00 14:50:00 05:38:00
166 Paul Warnes M 09:10:00 14:55:00 05:45:00
004 Christine Anstee Pedalworks Performance Team F 09:16:00 15:03:00 05:47:00
031 Alison Cooper Trisports F 09:16:00 15:03:00 05:47:00
160 David Tew M 09:18:00 15:07:00 05:49:00
108 Chris Mitchell Cycling Club Hackney M 09:08:00 15:00:00 05:52:00
007 Peter Archer Walden Velo M 09:18:00 15:17:00 05:59:00
076 Andrew Hutchinson Walden Velo M 09:18:00 15:17:00 05:59:00
092 vince legg Walden Velo M 09:18:00 15:17:00 05:59:00
122 Russell Powell Walden Velo M 09:18:00 15:17:00 05:59:00
061 Daniel Guise Walden Velo M 09:16:00 15:17:00 06:01:00
068 Martyn Higson Walden Velo M 09:18:00 15:19:00 06:01:00
117 Christina Pettit Walden Velo F 09:18:00 15:19:00 06:01:00
041 Stuart Donald Cambridge CC M 09:12:00 15:14:00 06:02:00
170 Chris Welford Cambridge CC M 09:12:00 15:14:00 06:02:00
048 Richard Evans M 09:12:00 15:15:00 06:03:00
042 Steve Durrant M 09:14:00 15:22:00 06:08:00
078 Will Izod M 09:14:00 15:22:00 06:08:00
100 Giacomo Maltman M 09:08:00 15:16:00 06:08:00
133 Francesca Scarampi F 09:08:00 15:16:00 06:08:00
180 peter Wright M 09:08:00 15:16:00 06:08:00
105 Jonny Mcquarrie Rapha Cycling Club M 09:16:00 15:26:00 06:10:00
104 Jenny McQuarrie F 09:16:00 15:26:00 06:10:00
111 Andrew Nunn Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) M 09:06:00 15:17:00 06:11:00
040 David Dickson M 09:20:00 15:31:00 06:11:00
144 Tony Smith M 09:20:00 15:31:00 06:11:00
083 Peter Johnson M 09:14:00 15:32:00 06:18:00
003 Reniemark Agtang M 09:16:00 15:35:00 06:19:00
175 Chris Whitehead M 09:14:00 15:35:00 06:21:00
067 Pauline Henry M 09:14:00 15:40:00 06:26:00
130 Andrew Rowland M 09:14:00 15:40:00 06:26:00
171 Simon Welton M 09:14:00 15:40:00 06:26:00
158 Wojtek Swiatek M 09:14:00 15:41:00 06:27:00
002 Paul Abu-Rabie M 09:10:00 15:38:00 06:28:00
074 Adam Hughes M 09:10:00 15:38:00 06:28:00
022 andrew burnett M 09:10:00 15:40:00 06:30:00
029 James Collins M 09:08:00 15:38:00 06:30:00
055 Barry Giddings M 09:10:00 15:40:00 06:30:00
164 matthew walker M 09:08:00 15:38:00 06:30:00
052 Martin Gamage M 09:20:00 16:18:00 06:58:00
070 Jim Hodgkins M 09:20:00 16:18:00 06:58:00
125 Linus Rees M 09:22:00 16:22:00 07:00:00
131 Colin Rudge Haverhill Cycling Club M 09:20:00 16:22:00 07:02:00
091 Steven Laycock M 09:20:00 16:22:00 07:02:00
162 sam tiplady M 09:20:00 16:22:00 07:02:00
163 rorie Tiplady M 09:20:00 16:22:00 07:02:00
174 John White Walden Velo M 09:18:00 16:22:00 07:04:00
024 Alan Carter M 09:18:00 16:22:00 07:04:00
057 martin godwin Base Road Club M 09:14:00 16:19:00 07:05:00
058 Hugh Grainger Bigfoot CC M 09:14:00 16:19:00 07:05:00
165 Michael Ward Bigfoot CC M 09:14:00 16:19:00 07:05:00
159 Rod Taylor Hertfordshire Wheelers M 09:06:00 16:11:00 07:05:00
112 Geoff Oliver M 09:06:00 16:11:00 07:05:00

plus…. geoff messenger  john steele  Chris Stanley  Stephen Parry-Jones  George Smith  Abigael Seno  Kris Borbely  Dave Cann  Gary Holbham  Kevin Jennings  TAM PARRY  Paul Williams  Ian Brooks  Steve Mead  Jeremy Kong    Gareth Smith  Rupert Hoppenbrouwers  Neil Simpson
– sorry if we missed you, but we don’t have a finish time.

50km Tour of the Cornfields

No. Forename Surname Club / Team Name Cat Gender Start Time Finish Time Ride Time
168 Tom Watt M 09:12:00 12:08:00 02:56:00
028 James Coiley M 09:20:00 12:32:00 03:12:00
524 Nicola Feabes Williams WSW F 09:18:00 12:36:00 03:18:00
060 Adrian Grimwood West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Club M 09:18:00 12:36:00 03:18:00
501 Florence Barnett Kings Lynn CC F 09:16:00 12:36:00 03:20:00
502 Bethany Barnett Kings Lynn CC F 09:16:00 12:36:00 03:20:00
503 Ray Barnett Kings Lynn CC M 09:16:00 12:36:00 03:20:00
109 Jon Moore West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Club M 09:12:00 12:32:00 03:20:00
517 Peter Hall Colchester Rovers CC M 09:22:00 12:51:00 03:29:00
506 Sarah Bolton F 09:22:00 12:58:00 03:36:00
507 Paul Bolton Lee Valley Velo M 09:22:00 12:58:00 03:36:00
508 Eleanor Bolton Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club F 09:22:00 12:58:00 03:36:00
509 Max Bolton Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club M 09:22:00 12:58:00 03:36:00
516 Daniel Hall Colchester Rovers CC M 09:22:00 12:58:00 03:36:00
182 Mark Flashman ALG M 09:16:00 12:54:00 03:38:00
084 Aidan Kerrigan Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club M 09:10:00 12:53:00 03:43:00
085 Sean Kerrigan Lee Valley Velo M 09:10:00 12:54:00 03:44:00
054 M____ G___ M 09:10:00 12:58:00 03:48:00
523 Patricia Wiliams F 09:16:00 13:10:00 03:54:00
505 Kevin Beel M 09:22:00 13:31:00 04:09:00
510 Shaun Bowman M 09:22:00 14:50:00 05:28:00
521 Gina Summers F 09:22:00 14:50:00 05:28:00
027 Jon Clark M 09:20:00 15:05:00 05:45:00
511 Susan Burton 1066 Cycle Club F 09:22:00 15:23:00 06:01:00
520 David Newman 1066 Cycle Club M 09:22:00 15:23:00 06:01:00

plus…Matt Carter  Emma Emerton  Paul Emerton  Trevor Grimes  Myles Davies  Amanda Lee  Bob Thompson for whom we didn’t get a time.


Tour of the Cornfields  SUNDAY 4 SEPTEMBER 2016

100km, with 50km option available. Both routes are highly scenic and very quiet.

This is where the worlds of MTB, cyclocross and gravel have been meeting since 2006. The Eastern League cyclocross season is nearly here and this is the ideal time to sort out your set up and get a better feel for this season’s mount. MTBers will enjoy wideopen views and some really great new sections of bridleway. Gravel riders – There are more sections of byway for this year’s edition of the Tour of the Cornfields. You could even bring a classic road bike if it takes 28mm tyres…? Or why not come on your fatbike? The first 45km will see you on tarmac for less than 12km and it’s definitely not all flat.


Oh, and did we mention there will be cake? …tea?  Our refreshment stop comes half way round (this is not as simple as it sounds ) and we want you to enjoy the company of other riders, so stay a while.

When you get back to the National Trust’s Wimpole Hall there are full catering outlets including a kiosk that sells real beer! Your vehicle will have been parked safely, whilst your family could have also been on a great day out.

NT_logo    Things to see and do at National Trust’s Wimpole Estate


Beastway first organised Tour of the Cornfields last year, when we produced a slightly different version of the route first started by Mark Wyer of BC Eastern Region and CC Ashwell (that’s him and his friends at the 2015 Cornfields in the pic). This year we have been on several recces to stretch out the route and lose a lot of tarmac. We found long sections of byway, including roman roads and ‘Drifts’ which run through the scenic rolling countryside between Cambridge, Royston and Biggleswade. Then we found the ways to get these dreamy sections all joined up into a 100km loop. It’s surprising how much countryside you will get through. If that’s a bit too much for you, we can get you to your tea and cake in 50km.

The authorities know we’re coming and they approve our style. We’re registered with British Cycling which is where you can enter for the amazingly low cost of £23. We keep numbers low. This is not just another marketing opportunity by an events company. We keep in touch with the sport and will be proud to support some young talent make its way into cyclocross events.

So there you have it. A great day out. Wonderful countryside from an off-road perspective. Prestigious start and finish venue with lots for the family to do. Organised by those at the core of grassroots cycle sport with support going out to generate more successful riders.