Month: April 2016

2016 Round 1 Season Opener – Beastway’s first ever Saturday

Whew that was tough for everyone! The course was about as long as you’ll get for XCO racing and you were racing for 1h27 at least. The course mostly held-up but riders tend to remember the bits that didn’t. Most climbing was on hard surfaces and the course avoided the most obvious mire. In addition to giving you a Saturday early-season race our aim was to get the trails smoothed out for summer racing over hard ground. Now we have our full range of summer dates to look forward to, starting on Wednesday 18 May for seven weeks till 29 June. Then it’s our season finale and awards on Saturday 2 July.

Congratulations to Phil Lenney and Louise Mahe for winning the opening round of the Tradervan Beastway 2016 series.

Full senior results

Mabel Mundy took some great pics which can be found here.

More results for u12 and Youth/Juvenile can be found on the Beastway Facebook Group

Our coursebuild finish was stymied by some on-site activities around the trails and we owe an apology to the youth and juvenile riders who couldn’t find their way. Since the leading riders in that race all followed the right way round we are going to salvage the situation for others by awarding ranking points for the positions of which we are certain and then ‘smoothing’ the others’ points in our league. It’s never good when riders get lost on course, but the leaders found their way…? Because of the BC rulebook we had to give Youths/Juveniles a separate race, where normally they join in when the seniors have been going for 30 minutes of their hour. No major changes were needed for the seniors to find their way but riders should note more direction arrows for added certainty at the next rounds….

A big thank you to our series sponsors Tradervan who brought along some of the vans they source. Big interest was reported in the crew vans beloved by so many who travel and ride. You can find out more about Tradervan’s special offer to Beastway riders here. – Make sure you get your discount card at Beastway sign-on.

Many thanks also to all our volunteers who stayed till nearly dark getting all the course materials binned or put away. We left the road circuit clear of the heavy deposits seen in the upper car park thanks in no small part to Michelle Forster of GB Cycles. And after dark, Bruce Mackie produced the full results and posted them to the Beastway Facebook Group. Thanks everyone for your help!

SEE YOU ON WEDNESDAY 18 MAY. The course will be shorter, drier and it’s only a 60min race.