2023 – The race dates are out!

It’s our 30th season! Time for a celebration of;-
– Simply still being here when many other fab series have sadly fallen
– Many great rides and certainly lots of fun every Wednesday in May and June
– An illustrious back catalogue of alumnus riders including great artists, national and international champions – all sorts
– Some brilliant posters – and another below thanks to Simon Pemberton
– A fantastic venue with great trails and fab views over London and a former venue worth remembering
– More races to come!
– All welcome, every race
Click here to enter!!
or https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/280271/Beastway-2023-round-1-Wednesday

Those 2023 race dates are all on a Wednesday evening
MAY 3 10 17 24 31
JUNE 7 14 21 28
– that’s NINE races in total with EIGHT to count in your series tally

This year, same as all other twenty-nine preceding, we want to offer maximum inclusion and friendliness whilst also letting each and every rider really have a go at the different and challenging courses we offer. The surroundings, trails and features at our purpose-built venue could not be better for our style of racing. Just the views across London and the truly rural surroundings are a must-see. Our one-hour race format brings youth and junior riders in with all so they learn very quickly how to behave politely and effectively in races. They learn a lot and go faster. Everyone has fun and can be firm friends when the race is done each week.

We really tried to give it a go with the weekend XCO but rules – rolls eyes – mean we had to run all separate races for categories and it just didn’t have the same buzz as your regular Wednesday hour of full-on effort with everyone racing in one go.

Your skill, your fitness and your soul should benefit from racing the Beast every Wednesday. Look out for our race entry opening soon.

We also look forward to running the hugely popular MAAP London Summercross at Herne Hill during July 2023. Bike racing, beer and Summer heat at another iconic London venue. What’s not to like?!

And as summer’s leaze comes to its close we welcome you to ride our Tour of the Cornfields, the original gravel event first run in 2006. In its usual slot the Sunday after August Bank Holiday we’ll see you on Sunday 3rd September up in South Cambridgeshire ready to ride 100km off-road through four counties. MTBs, Fat bikes, classic steel roadsters, cross and gravel bikes all get round.

We say this every year, and it’s ten years now that we have been running Beastway, but please can you think of offering your help to make the races run and to bring more skills into the core of voluntary effort that delivers so much for so many riders. Your friendly organisers want to start taking more of a back seat and we have a full range of skills to impart for anyone who wants to contribute mainly a bit of time in return for the glow that goes with getting a race on and producing a result. – Talk to us: it’s beastway’at’btinternet.com or obviously just let us know at any event.

Also, if you or anyone you know has a venue where we might run an endurance event…?


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