Month: February 2017


We are 25 years young this season! From the high days of Eastway and the rocky days inbetween it’s been a fantastic ride for so many. This special anniversary season needs lots of memorabilia and old faces, so come along with your pics and post on our Facebook. Anyone still holding a trophy by Grayson will be especially welcome.

Your series has a great new sponsor too. STEVENS BIKES are sold exclusively in the UK by our friends at HubVelo in Clapton. They will be along with their latest bikes and more, so look out for them. We are very grateful for their support and hope you will like their bikes and service too. Stevens Beastway 2017 has a lot to offer and it’s thanks to them. You are welcome to join their riding bus from the shop to Hog Hill and back each week.

We are asking riders to pre-enter the whole series. This saves you money and saves us a lot of time – especially on that first round. If you don’t want to make entry through BC, just let us know by email on beastway’at’ and we can sort you out. Entering the whole series means you can claim a personalised anniversary number board that’s yours to keep. We also have some good offers on multi-purchase of ToRQ products and there may be other goodies we can name….. All this will only be available to riders who’ve entered the whole series in advance.

Your series is run by volunteers. We’re not one of those event companies. We’re experienced at delivering good courses and getting straight results out quickly because off-road races are our thing. You get cost-effective racing. This year we are trialling some new technology beyond chips but we will still be licking our pencils and tapping away to get stuff right. We delivered a cyclocross race at a brand new prestige venue in December and we’ll be running the Tour of the Cornfields from the National Trust stately venue of Wimpole Hall on 3 September.

Obviously the undergrowth at Hog Hill doesn’t bash itself into a nice course either. Over the winter we invested in a fancy rotary mower but it still helps to have hands-on when we call a bushwhacking day before the first race. Last year was the first for many years when there were funds in surplus at the series end. We added a bit to this with our Tour of the Cornfields, but it’s also a delight to let you know we made significant cash donations to LVYCC race squad and have a little held by for cyclocross squad development.

Coursebuilding starts usually from 2pm each Wednesday. You’re very welcome to come and help. Then we need marshals during the race too. We can allocate you series points for this duty, or offer a free race for helpers. After the races, we have to take pretty well everything down and put it all away again. Come and help – Just as long as you can keep those pins and tape separate!  We will try not to leave helpers locked in after dark…

So COME ON! Get your entry for the whole series now*. LET’S GO RACING!!



13:00   U10 
13:15   U12
13:30   ELITE M & F, EXPERT M & F, SPORT M & F, JUNIOR M & F, VET & GVET F (1h30)
15:15   YOUTH & JUVENILE M & F (30mins)
16:30   VET M, GVET M, SVET M (60mins)
ENTRY FEES SENIOR & VET M £25 (£20) WOMEN & JUNIORS £13 (£10) YOUTH £8 (£5)

*Series fees: Seniors & Vets £115. Women & Juniors £78. Youth £38 (NINE RACES!)

WEDNESDAYS 10, 17, 24, 31 MAY. 7, 14, 21, 28 JUNE.

18:30   U10 (short course)
18:45   U12 (short course)
19:50   YOUTH & JUVENILE M & F (39mins)
20:30   FINISH
ENTRY FEES SENIOR & VET M £20 (£15) WOMEN & JUNIORS £13 (£10) YOUTH £8 (£5)

*Series pre-entry closes on 25 April.