Month: February 2020

Beastway 2020 – Wider vision

We want to bring bigger MTB XC events to you at our playground on Hog Hill.  This year our opening round is a Big Weekender on Sunday 3 May.  This is a Category A event with separate races for Women and for Vets.            Series and round 1 entry 

Over the winter we have been working to properly widen and polish the trails. There has even been a compactor/wacker plate used on multiple days, as we try to bring you smoother rolling. We are building some new features to enhance our technical sections, whilst still welcoming all novice riders.

Points mean prizes
Winners at Category A Regional Events get 60 points which is TRIPLE the usual BC ranking 20 points for a Beastway win AND they are awarded for every start.  Sixty points can get a top gridding at a National XC so it’s well worth getting your entry sorted out. PLUS we offer an extra 50% Beastway ranking points on this XC round.
There will be a longer lap and it’s a longer race for you.
Check your start time and pay attention to when you will be able to practice.

09:45 Short course open for practice & sighting lap
10:00 u10 race 10mins
10:15 u12 race 15mins
(Short course closed, full course opened up)
10.35 Full course open for practice
10.40 Course entry closes for practice

11:00 Youth race 30mins

11:35 Course open for practice
11:40 Course entry closes for practice

12:00 Veteran Men 1h15mins
13:30 Women – Senior, Junior, all Vets –  1h15 mins
(Women: We will try to get an extra sighting lap on the tail of the Vet men’s race but it’s not guaranteed in this tight schedule)

14:50 Course open for practice
14:55 Course entry closed for practice

15:15 Senior Men 90 mins (&JuniorMs 60mins)
17:00 all finished

After the Big Weekender, we go back to the usual format right through May and June on eight Wednesday evenings.  At 18.45 we have an u10 and u12 race on their short lap. This should be finished by 19.10, which means you have time to get a practice lap before the main start at 19:30. Youth and juveniles of suitable standard will be called to their start at around 19:50. Racing ends around 20:30.

Rounds 2 – 9. Race Dates: 6, 13, 20 & 27 May, 3, 10, 17 & 24 May

British Cycling licence points are awarded by them, based on their interpretation of the results we supply automatically, usually within 20 minutes of each finish.
Round 1 Regional A BC licence points will be awarded on each separate race result as follows;- 1st:60 , 2nd:50 , 3rd:45 ,  4th:40 , 5th:36 , 6th:32 , 7th:28 , 8th:26 , 9th:24 , 10th:22
11:20, 12:19, 13:18, 14:17, 15:16, 16:15, 17:14, 18:13, 19:12, 20:11

Rounds 2 – 9 Regional C BC licence points will be awarded on the race as a whole;-
1:20, 2:18, 3:16, 4:14, 5:12, 6:10, 7:9, 8:8, 9:7, 10:6, 11:5, 12:4, 13:3, 14:2, 15:1
(This means that a Vet could come around all the seniors and take the 20points)

Beastway ranking points are worked out as follows:-
NINE rounds in total, with the best SEVEN to count.
In each category we normally allocate series points as follows;-
Placing/points: 1/20 2/16 3/13 4/11 5/9 6/7 7/6 8/5 9/4 10/3 11/2 12/1
However, since you will be racing for 50% longer, in the opening round points are higher;-
Placing/points: 1/30 2/24 3/20 4/17 5/13 6/10 7/9 8/8 9/6 10/5 11/3 12/2

Our categories are;-
Elite/Expert*, Sport, Vet, GrandVet, SuperVet, Junior, Youth Juvenile, u12, u10
*If you are Elite or Expert, it must state this on your BC licence. This is the only category for which a BC membership is required. All other riders do not need a BC membership or licence.

Beastway awards are splendid!
Series and round 1 entry 

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