Month: May 2019

Beastway 2019 round 5 – Into the light

20190522_203919 (2)

Hurrah! It was a fine Spring day with another fast flowing course. Beastway always has lots of friendly competition through all its categories which means it’s not all about the pointy end of the race.

Terry Whalley leads the SuperVets and Jules Reuter this week won from series-leading Caelan Miller in the Youths (you won’t catch Caelan with his head up in a race…) .

..and here’s the whole Reuter family racing portrait. Caroline leads the womens’ series.

Jules Birks won the senior mens’ race and Matt Webber, first Vet didn’t catch him.

We’re now half way through the series with plenty more fun coming up. If you want to see how you’re doing in the series there’s a full standings online here (opens in new tab), where you can also see all the individual race results and much more analysis.

Full results from the evening’s races are always available at and there’s always new stuff on the FB page (opens in new tab)


Beastway 2019 round 4 – On hard ground

Matt Webber could not be contained by the seniors, coming through them all after around a minute delay and so the veteran rider took this week’s win. Of course we also keep a record of the standings in each category too as we build to the season awards at the end of June.  Caroline Reuter leads the womens’ standings.















Trails that were sloppy mud last week have now hardened as smoother grooves, whilst others we dug in winter are like gravel.  We will continue to use a variety of layouts to bring a different challenge each week. There’s always some sections that are popular  – Top Woods, Isaac’s, Bottom Woods which we cleared years ago – but we’re developing more to become regular favourites.
The singletrack in the lower infield between The Sump and the Rollers, for instance has been greatly improved. Where it was lumpy and with great open cracks that could swallow a wheel, the winter’s work and last week’s round has produced the smooth groove we all love to ride. Here’s William Linton in the groove.

This week’s results and all the standings are on the results server

There’s a great gallery of pics by superstar MTB photographer Geoff Waugh which is well worth a look. As a series sponsor, Geoff is donating some prints for our prizes and has made these images available for Beastway riders to use. Thanks Geoff!

View the Geoff Waugh gallery here.

Beastway 2019 round 3 – We splashed out


Michael Butler on the way to win round 3 which was a little wet and sticky with mud. We’re sure there was a lot of fun had by riders and thank you for the positive comments after. We had changed the course to give less running on soggy-topped dust which was quickly clagging-up wheels. The descents were super sketchy and it was funny to hear some riders laughing at their lack of direction.

Results posted in full on our results server

Pics to come soon on our FB page (opens in new tab)

Beastway 2019 round 2 – It went dark

Much shorter course this week, using some of our best bits and still polishing new trails. Your organiser was wandering around with star photog Geoff Waugh but it was actually too dark for his film camera project. He’ll be back.
Up at the line, we started to collect sunglasses off riders as the gloom gathered while the rain held off again and darkness came down. Just one rider had thought to mount a front light and he ended up travelling round with a swarm of new-found friends. Sunset was at 20:22 but the heavily overcast sky was keeping all sunshine well away.
Next week it’s likely the lower woods will be in the course, so riders should think about a front light (rears are not allowed). Sunset is at 20:34
Mark Shepherd of Fruit4London won the Senior mens’ race, Matt Webber was first Vet but they were both behind Junior Max Bolton who finished six laps in 1h00,24″. Caroline Reuter was fastest woman, racing five laps in 1h02:57.  Tucked inside the race, the youths started after the seniors first lap. Alfie Salmon completed four laps to win the u16M and Samuel Leslie the u14M. Lucy Warner was the only youth woman finisher.
Good overtaking, everyone. Thank you. It makes it so much better for everyone to keep the race attitude sweet. We welcome all civil comments about race conduct.

Your u12 race was on another long lap around the upper circuit with James Oates taking the boys race and Georgina Bromley winning in the girls’.

Category results can be found here