Month: April 2018

Beastway 2018 season

It’s here! We race on Wednesday 2 May for nine weeks to the end of June.

Full series info and entry here (opens in a new window)

Simon Pemberton has refreshed our image for 2018
– The Beastway 2018 look is great

Bruce, Jarvis and Michael have been busy clearing and hacking at Hog Hill’s frightening array of puncturing plants since February, after our Winter Series in Beckenham was done. The late start to the growing season and the flood didn’t help. That was followed by the great heat when two long days of tropical bushwhacking almost proved too much.
– The trails are clear

Since first getting involved three years ago and giving us courage in the tech, Chris has brought us into the lead on chip timing. He’s has taken apart some software and put it back together to help you get signed on, race and get a result with your lap times.
– Beastway timing will get your result and lap-times straight.

Do your bit:
– Be allocated to the correct category (from u10 to 60+)
– Collect your series number plate with timing chip attached
– Give us permission to keep your details on record (we don’t share this with anyone)
We offer a discount for each race, but you can save even more by entering the full series.
ADVANCE ENTRY HERE (opens in a new window)

If you enter the full series, we will give you a personalised plate. Enter any round and it means you can go straight to priority sign-on.

High rollers, high maintenance people: Have the right money or a bank card ready to pay if you’re entering on the day.  You don’t need a BC licence but if you have one we want to see it. Please arrive early and be patient in the queue.

Being informed:
We have a different course for you each week. It helps to pre-ride, but we know it can be a rush to get along after work each Wednesday. Our race timings are as late as possible and even then we will be clearing up in the dark on early rounds.
There is an u12 and u10 race on first, so parts of the full course will be closed from 18:45 until 19:00. Do not go on their course at this time.
Racing on the full course begins at 19:30 and sign-on closes at 19:15 for us to load the race details on the software. It helps to enter each race or the full series in advance.
Our courses are properly marked out and risk-assessed. We don’t overdo it by taping both sides all the way round. There are plants, trees, fences, the ground and all sorts of things that could break your fall; but that’s riding for you.
We can’t have marshals right around the course. If you have a moment or if you see someone else in trouble please make sure they are OK and get the word to us soonest.
First Aid is in the pavilion. If you’re injured please report there, no matter how slight.
The cafe is open. There are lockers, showers and changing rooms. Please park tidily in the car park.
Nearest stations are Fairlop on the tube and Goodmayes on the train (bag your bike).
Groups of riders travel together to and from the races. Our FB group could be useful if you’re looking for riding buddies.
Beastway is a series of nine rounds. Series awards are made at the final round. Points are scored in each category as follows: Win, 20 points. 2nd, 16. 3rd, 13. 4th, 11. 5th, 9. 6th, 7. 7th, 6. 8th, 5. 9th, 4. 10th, 3. 11th, 2. 12th, 1 and that’s it. Best seven rounds to count. Our trophies are much coveted and wonderful.

Being in the right race:
Our race entry software is now tuned so it won’t let you enter in the wrong race. This is based on year of birth.  (Full info on age group categories is given below)

18:45 We have two races running concurrently for the u12s and u10s. Boys and girls compete evenly on the short course. We start the u12s for a 12min race first, setting the u10s off after a couple of minutes. The race ends when the leading u12 crosses the line and we have everyone else’s laps counted so sometimes the u10 winner could be the last rider home.  We ask parents and guardians to help us marshal this race and to be respectful of every riders efforts.

19:30 Seniors and Juniors start together in the first wave. Elite and Expert graded riders may be given front-end positions with Sport following on.
19:31 Veteran age categories all go off after about a minute.
19:50 Youth and Juveniles start, joining in with the full seniors race.
We do not send women to the back,  preferring to give everyone the choice.
You are racing against those in your age group and there are category positions/points/series awards to reflect this.
This race lasts for around 60mins and ends when the rider leading the race crosses the line. There have been rounds when a veteran came through all the seniors, but it’s usually an elite or expert rider. All riders will be credited with their total race time on crossing the line and their number of laps is recorded to make the full result for each category.

Being sensible:
Put slime, fluid, monkey juice; whatever in your tyres*. It’s been a journey to get the trails ready. We’ve had some long days and not enough time to worry about picking up all the bits, most of which will puncture tyres:- They certainly rip into skin; and those plants bear a grudge.
Please don’t ride straight at the course marking as if it’s in your way. You might not get tape in your cassette but you’ll certainly cause bother.
If we include a technical feature in the course it’s there to be ridden. For those with no intention of riding it, there will be a recommended by-pass in place. Don’t go over features that you can’t/won’t ride.

Being considerate:
A big reason to support Beastway by entering each week is the fun for everybody who races together. Our tradition is to race all categories from u14 to 60+ all on course at one time and everyone has the right to enjoy it. It’s a great place to learn race craft and overtaking. You are part of the fun if you keep it fun. The more fun, the more riders, the better the racing, the better the series….
Whatever your speed, you will be involved in a few overtaking manoeuvres. Overtaking ability is a skill. Stay in the zone. Be polite.

Being helpful:
If you can spare the time to help us put up the course from 2.30pm we will give you a start on the day. Please let us know in advance by email to beastway’at’ .
If you can stay on a little after the race, we would like your help in taking down the pins and tape that can’t be left in place till next week.
Each time you race we have to build around 3km of course and take it down again, so we like to recycle. This starts and ends with a pile of stakes and a load of tape on bobbins.

*Top Tip Corner: Old skool puncture proofing / repair
Empty one of these in half a cup of water. Suck it up into a hand pump and push it in through the valve.

Age categories for 2018 are as follows:-

U10 – Born 2008 or later
U12 – Born 2006-2007
Juvenile U14 – Born 2004-2005
Youth U16 – Born 2002-2003
Junior U18 – Born 2000-2001
Sport – Born 1979-1999
Veteran 40-49 – Born 1969-1978
Grand Veteran 50-59 – Born 1959-1968
Super Veteran 50-59 – Born 1958 or earlier
And here’s the regs in full;-
2.2.2 Age categories for men and women are:
U10 To 31st December year of 10th birthday (2008 & Later)
U12 To 31st December year of 12th birthday (2006 & 2007)
Juvenile From 1st January year of 13th birthday to 31st 
December year of 14th birthday (2004-05)
Youth From 1st January year of 15th birthday to 31st 
December year of 16th birthday (2002-03)
Junior From 1st January year of 17th birthday to 31st 
December year of 18th birthday (2000-2001)
U23 From 1st January year of 19th birthday to 31st 
December year of 22nd birthday (1999-1996)
Senior From 1st January year of 19th birthday (1999 & Earlier)

N.B. For MTB All Male and Female Senior age riders may be further 
categorised into ‘Ability’ groupings as follows: Sport, Expert and Elite. 
From year of 40th birthday, senior riders without an ability category 
are classified in the following age bands:

Veteran From 1st January year of 40th birthday to 31st December 
year of 49th birthday (1978-1969)
Grand Veteran From 1st January year of 50th Veteran birthday to 
31st December year of 59th birthday (1968-1959)
Super Veteran From 1st January year of 60th birthday onwards 
(1958 & Earlier)