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..and we’re back!

After only being able to run two events last year – Tour of the Cornfields & Tour of the Hopfields – we are ready to run a full season in 2021. Of course there will be social distancing and public health measures in place as we get through this pandemic but it’s worth it for proper racing.
There will be NINE one-hour Wednesday evening races in May and June, plus TWO full XCO races on Sundays 23 May and 6 June with Regional A status for extra ranking points. The first XCO will also be the British Cycling Regional Championships on Sunday 23 May where riders from the region will compete along with all other regions who are welcome to join. We’ll pick out the regional placings later based on eligibility of BC membership and address. You don’t have to be a British Cycling member to take part in Beastway races but we continue to offer our race entry through their calendar since we organise under their rules and use their insurance to be sure of doing things properly.

Beastway MTB Series 2021

  • Round 1 – Wednesday 5 MAY
  • Round 2 – Wednesday 12 MAY
  • Round 3 – Wednesday 19 MAY
  • Round 4 – Sunday 23 MAY – XCO and REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS
  • Round 5 – Wednesday 26 MAY
  • Round 6 – Wednesday 2 JUNE
  • Round 7 – Sunday 6 JUNE – XCO with REGIONAL A POINTS
  • Round 8 – Wednesday 9 JUNE
  • Round 9 – Wednesday 16 JUNE
  • Round 10 – Wednesday 23 JUNE
  • Round 11 – Wednesday 30 JUNE

For our own series points it will be your best NINE rounds to count towards the series prizes. Our series awards are always special. The two XCO rounds will have their own awards and of course the title of Regional Champion will be awarded to the eligible riders (BC members residing in the region).

Full MTB series info and entry here (opens in new tab)

Beastway London Summer Cyclocross Series 2021
Four races in four weeks in June.

  • Round 1 – Thursday 3 JUNE, Hog Hill London IG6 3HP
  • Round 2 – Thursday 10 JUNE, Hog Hill London IG6 3HP
  • Round 3 – Thursday 17 JUNE, Herne Hill  London SE24 9HE
  • Round 4 – TUESDAY 22 JUNE, Herne Hill  London SE24 9HE – Finale prizegiving and BAR (fingers crossed)

The Summer Cross races are a chance to test bikes and riders as new people come in to try our sport.  – Perhaps they will stay at it into the ‘muddy months’ but whatever, these races are always super-popular and a great way to enjoy the light summer evenings. Particularly when we hit the Tuesday finale normality may have resumed and we can make the most of the bar at Herne Hill. 🙂 More details and online entry here (opens in new tab)

See also the Cornfields / Hopfields tab above for details of our off-road gravel sportives

Public Health Announcement

We have been watching the coronovirus virus since January. On 24 Feb we agreed among ourselves that some action could be required. On 13 March we were told by British Cycling that racing could carry on. This was revised on 17 March to be a full ‘ban’ on all organised rides and races until 30 April.
Our first round is on 3 May. We are waiting in hope.
Should we set the Beast on it?

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Beastway 2020 – Wider vision

We want to bring bigger MTB XC events to you at our playground on Hog Hill.  This year our opening round is a Big Weekender on Sunday 3 May.  This is a Category A event with separate races for Women and for Vets.            Series and round 1 entry 

Over the winter we have been working to properly widen and polish the trails. There has even been a compactor/wacker plate used on multiple days, as we try to bring you smoother rolling. We are building some new features to enhance our technical sections, whilst still welcoming all novice riders.

Points mean prizes
Winners at Category A Regional Events get 60 points which is TRIPLE the usual BC ranking 20 points for a Beastway win AND they are awarded for every start.  Sixty points can get a top gridding at a National XC so it’s well worth getting your entry sorted out. PLUS we offer an extra 50% Beastway ranking points on this XC round.
There will be a longer lap and it’s a longer race for you.
Check your start time and pay attention to when you will be able to practice.

09:45 Short course open for practice & sighting lap
10:00 u10 race 10mins
10:15 u12 race 15mins
(Short course closed, full course opened up)
10.35 Full course open for practice
10.40 Course entry closes for practice

11:00 Youth race 30mins

11:35 Course open for practice
11:40 Course entry closes for practice

12:00 Veteran Men 1h15mins
13:30 Women – Senior, Junior, all Vets –  1h15 mins
(Women: We will try to get an extra sighting lap on the tail of the Vet men’s race but it’s not guaranteed in this tight schedule)

14:50 Course open for practice
14:55 Course entry closed for practice

15:15 Senior Men 90 mins (&JuniorMs 60mins)
17:00 all finished

After the Big Weekender, we go back to the usual format right through May and June on eight Wednesday evenings.  At 18.45 we have an u10 and u12 race on their short lap. This should be finished by 19.10, which means you have time to get a practice lap before the main start at 19:30. Youth and juveniles of suitable standard will be called to their start at around 19:50. Racing ends around 20:30.

Rounds 2 – 9. Race Dates: 6, 13, 20 & 27 May, 3, 10, 17 & 24 May

British Cycling licence points are awarded by them, based on their interpretation of the results we supply automatically, usually within 20 minutes of each finish.
Round 1 Regional A BC licence points will be awarded on each separate race result as follows;- 1st:60 , 2nd:50 , 3rd:45 ,  4th:40 , 5th:36 , 6th:32 , 7th:28 , 8th:26 , 9th:24 , 10th:22
11:20, 12:19, 13:18, 14:17, 15:16, 16:15, 17:14, 18:13, 19:12, 20:11

Rounds 2 – 9 Regional C BC licence points will be awarded on the race as a whole;-
1:20, 2:18, 3:16, 4:14, 5:12, 6:10, 7:9, 8:8, 9:7, 10:6, 11:5, 12:4, 13:3, 14:2, 15:1
(This means that a Vet could come around all the seniors and take the 20points)

Beastway ranking points are worked out as follows:-
NINE rounds in total, with the best SEVEN to count.
In each category we normally allocate series points as follows;-
Placing/points: 1/20 2/16 3/13 4/11 5/9 6/7 7/6 8/5 9/4 10/3 11/2 12/1
However, since you will be racing for 50% longer, in the opening round points are higher;-
Placing/points: 1/30 2/24 3/20 4/17 5/13 6/10 7/9 8/8 9/6 10/5 11/3 12/2

Our categories are;-
Elite/Expert*, Sport, Vet, GrandVet, SuperVet, Junior, Youth Juvenile, u12, u10
*If you are Elite or Expert, it must state this on your BC licence. This is the only category for which a BC membership is required. All other riders do not need a BC membership or licence.

Beastway awards are splendid!
Series and round 1 entry 

Look out for our other events on the tabs above:-
Tour of the Hopfields 12 July. Summer Cross in July. Tour of the Hopfields 6 September

Beastway 2019 round 5 – Into the light

20190522_203919 (2)

Hurrah! It was a fine Spring day with another fast flowing course. Beastway always has lots of friendly competition through all its categories which means it’s not all about the pointy end of the race.

Terry Whalley leads the SuperVets and Jules Reuter this week won from series-leading Caelan Miller in the Youths (you won’t catch Caelan with his head up in a race…) .

..and here’s the whole Reuter family racing portrait. Caroline leads the womens’ series.

Jules Birks won the senior mens’ race and Matt Webber, first Vet didn’t catch him.

We’re now half way through the series with plenty more fun coming up. If you want to see how you’re doing in the series there’s a full standings online here (opens in new tab), where you can also see all the individual race results and much more analysis.

Full results from the evening’s races are always available at and there’s always new stuff on the FB page (opens in new tab)

Beastway 2019 round 4 – On hard ground

Matt Webber could not be contained by the seniors, coming through them all after around a minute delay and so the veteran rider took this week’s win. Of course we also keep a record of the standings in each category too as we build to the season awards at the end of June.  Caroline Reuter leads the womens’ standings.















Trails that were sloppy mud last week have now hardened as smoother grooves, whilst others we dug in winter are like gravel.  We will continue to use a variety of layouts to bring a different challenge each week. There’s always some sections that are popular  – Top Woods, Isaac’s, Bottom Woods which we cleared years ago – but we’re developing more to become regular favourites.
The singletrack in the lower infield between The Sump and the Rollers, for instance has been greatly improved. Where it was lumpy and with great open cracks that could swallow a wheel, the winter’s work and last week’s round has produced the smooth groove we all love to ride. Here’s William Linton in the groove.

This week’s results and all the standings are on the results server

There’s a great gallery of pics by superstar MTB photographer Geoff Waugh which is well worth a look. As a series sponsor, Geoff is donating some prints for our prizes and has made these images available for Beastway riders to use. Thanks Geoff!

View the Geoff Waugh gallery here.

Beastway 2019 round 3 – We splashed out


Michael Butler on the way to win round 3 which was a little wet and sticky with mud. We’re sure there was a lot of fun had by riders and thank you for the positive comments after. We had changed the course to give less running on soggy-topped dust which was quickly clagging-up wheels. The descents were super sketchy and it was funny to hear some riders laughing at their lack of direction.

Results posted in full on our results server

Pics to come soon on our FB page (opens in new tab)

Beastway 2019 round 2 – It went dark

Much shorter course this week, using some of our best bits and still polishing new trails. Your organiser was wandering around with star photog Geoff Waugh but it was actually too dark for his film camera project. He’ll be back.
Up at the line, we started to collect sunglasses off riders as the gloom gathered while the rain held off again and darkness came down. Just one rider had thought to mount a front light and he ended up travelling round with a swarm of new-found friends. Sunset was at 20:22 but the heavily overcast sky was keeping all sunshine well away.
Next week it’s likely the lower woods will be in the course, so riders should think about a front light (rears are not allowed). Sunset is at 20:34
Mark Shepherd of Fruit4London won the Senior mens’ race, Matt Webber was first Vet but they were both behind Junior Max Bolton who finished six laps in 1h00,24″. Caroline Reuter was fastest woman, racing five laps in 1h02:57.  Tucked inside the race, the youths started after the seniors first lap. Alfie Salmon completed four laps to win the u16M and Samuel Leslie the u14M. Lucy Warner was the only youth woman finisher.
Good overtaking, everyone. Thank you. It makes it so much better for everyone to keep the race attitude sweet. We welcome all civil comments about race conduct.

Your u12 race was on another long lap around the upper circuit with James Oates taking the boys race and Georgina Bromley winning in the girls’.

Category results can be found here

Beastway 2019 Round 1. The XCO or ‘Long One’


Results are now published in full here at
and there is a gallery on the Beastway Facebook page
We had an idea this would be a long lap but we were still surprised to see the winning Youth, Alex Dale (LVYCC) come home in 22:42. Caelan Miller (Welwyn) just beat Jules Reuter (HHYCC) for second and third at 25:19, having been told; ‘One lap race’ as they came to the final climb.
The Seniors were due a 90 minute race and Matthew Bridge of Chaingang RT duly delivered his four laps in 1h32:31.
Vets raced off about 20 minutes into proceedings and Matt Webber took the win.
Earlier, on their shorter course a welcome visitor Mak Larkin (Rotor RT) won the under12 at spot-on 15 minutes, while LVYCCs Billy Tomlinson won the under10 race.

See you on Wednesday 1 May when we promise a shorter lap, smoother riding and it will be much less windy.

2019 Season Opener

R01 Published

The opening round is an XCO of longer duration, more series points and a longer course which takes in a wide range of our regular features and some great new ones too.


Winter came and went all too soon, with February breaking records for warmth and drought. We have been working hard to clear the trails to a much wider standard. It’s involved heavy use of a brushcutter and chainsaw starting in October plus a new toy to dig up the ground during January where huge cracks always open up as the dry weather comes on.  Everything has been raked at least twice and some sections have been mowed over too. Singletrack is now very dry and almost like it’s covered in aggregate and not the cracking hard-pack you might have expected. The lower woods, where we’ve had to paddle in previous seasons is completely dry and looking good with some new routes through, especially where one gale blew down two trees and left another hanging.
Jarvis has been busy on the technical features at Snake Pen  – look out for the As and Bs – and Michael has opened up about 400m of completely new singletrack that makes good use of sloping ground to give exciting descents and a duel track section.

Saturday 27 April Race times

13.30 Course open for practice
u12s 14:00 (short course around upper circuit, so main part of course is open for practice)
Youths 14:20 30mins duration (on full course, no practice allowed until following final rider on course – we will tell you when)
Senior M 15:00 90mins duration
Junior M 15:10
Women 15:15*
Vets M & F 15:30*
all 18+ riders finish around 16:30
*We’ll take a view on when to start these categories, as many riders have expressed a wish to race for longer.

Youths and Senior races will start below the Lower Hoggenberg, up the road and then along behind the hedge before crossing the line first time.

Full info on British Cycling website (opens new tab)

Results will be on