2022 XCO Sunday 13 March – It rained

Gary and Dan thought they were muddy…

Our season opener was a Weekend XCO. The course had been fast until the rain came down mid-way through the Women’s race and the Veteran men. They finished with wet kit and lightly splattered with mud. Things quickly turned slippy on top and sticky underneath for the Senior and Junior men. 144 riders took part across the day, with some great racing among each category as riders explored their early season form and maybe wished they’d got a bit more grip.
Full results and all can be found on our results server here. – The youth winner had faster laps than any other rider on the day.

Ian Lambert, Beastway ‘row 19 regular’ rider and pro photographer has a full gallery of Women and Vet men racers here.

Click here to see Ian Lambert’s gallery of Women and Vet men properly

Beastway 2022 series

Welcome all! Our 29th season starts with two XCO weekenders and then the usual Wednesday evening blast.
Enter any single round, or the whole series on British Cycling by clicking this link;- https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events?series_id=744

Rounds 1 and 2 are on 13 March and 10 April. They are upgraded XCO Category A events with more races for separate categories. The extra ranking points are great for early-season points to help with gridding elsewhere too.
All races are PRE-ENTRY only, which we keep open until Thursday before Sunday races
10.00 – under 10 10mins short course
10.15 – under 12 15mins short course
11.00 – Youth & Juveniles 30mins
12.00 – Veteran Men 1h15
13.30 – Women; seniors, veterans and juniors 1h15
15.15 – Men; seniors and juniors 1h30

Rounds 3 – 11 are our usual Wednesday evening blast of a format to which all are welcome. We race on every Wednesday from 4 May – 29 June
18.45 – under 10 & under 12 15mins short course
19.30 – Men & Women in Junior, Senior (Sport, unless it says Expert or Elite on your licence) Vet40, Vet50, Vet60. All in together for close and fun racing, wherever you are in the field.
19.40 – Youth and Juveniles join the main race at an appropriate time to race for 40minutes

British Cycling regional C ranking points apply on Wednesdays

Beastway Series points [place/points]
Placing/points: 1/20 2/16 3/13 4/11 5/9 6/7 7/6 8/5 9/4 10/3 11/2 12/1
Sunday XCO points are higher;-
Placing/points: 1/30 2/24 3/20 4/17 5/13 6/10 7/9 8/8 9/6 10/5 11/3 12/2

Results will always be posted on our server at http://www.beastwayresults.co.uk first.
Best NINE points scores out of ELEVEN possible rounds to count.

There is an option to pre-enter all eleven rounds or the nine Wednesday races of this season and save money, or you can enter each week for a little more each time.
Enter any single round, or the whole series on British Cycling by clicking this link;- https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events?series_id=744
All our races are for bikes with human power only.
Entry is strictly only in advance, but we leave it open as late as possible; up to the Thursday before a Sunday race, or up until Tuesday if it’s a Wednesday race.

We’ve been doing lots of trail maintenance and widening over the winter, with just a few new bits to make things more fun.
See you at the races!!

One final polish

We’ve spent a day tightening the tape and cutting the brashy overhangs. Course is all smooth, if maybe a little slick. There are a couple of low sections that could go either way; depending on tomorrow’s weather they will either get heavy, or grooved-out and quick. The showers have mostly stayed away and it’s forecast dry with heavy rain supposedly when we’re done and medals awarded.

We’ve made one significant change in our race plan;-
Youths and Juveniles will now start from the seniors grid but they will then go around the lower circuit anti-clockwise to join the course around 1.6km from the line. It’s marked in pink on the new course plan. This loop, added to a 20-minute lap will give the 30-minute race duration and the road circuit start loop will line-out the field ready to join the course on flat grass before a fun mound feature on the course which is not restricted on width. There’s also a bonus for supporters of young riders because the start, the loop and the first part of the off-road are all near to the Feed and Tech Zone #2 that comes at 1.4km from the line.

Here’s the new course plan, made to show the youth start loop.

You can download or copy this plan onto your smart phone.

Gridding the Regional Championships

Our Round 4 is also the Eastern Region of British Cycling’s Regional Championships on Sunday 23 May 2021.

It’s a pleasure to welcome some new riders to our course and we hope they will be enthusiastic about coming back to any race, but also to the second of our XCO races on Sunday 6 June.

Gridding will never be correct. Being able to predict the outcome of a race would hardly lead a person into organising races. Consideration has been made of rider performances in recent competition, but since there have been so few races and no ranking points there’s been a fair amount of skill and judgement (..guesswork) involved.

Riders are requested to note the grid line allocated and make their way to it, ready to start. Direction is facing away from the hill, ready to head up the Hoggenberg and along the hedge before riding the infield section to start lap 1.

Gridding for the Men and Women’s separate races
The Veteran Men’s grid, with separate sections for 50+ and 60+

There will be a Feed and Tech Zone with service points at 1km and 4km into the course. Helpers must follow rules on social distancing outdoors.

Youth and Juveniles ride the full course and start from the main grid lower down the circuit
Under 12 & u10 riders race the short course and their grid is on the upper infield

Timetable for the day

Short course open from 09.30

10.00 – under 10  10mins short course
10.15 – under 12  15mins short course

10.35 – 10.40 Full course entry open for practice
11.00 – Youth & Juveniles 30mins

11.35 – 11.40 Full course entry open for practice
12.00 – Veteran Men 1h15

13.30 – Women (seniors, veterans and juniors) 1h15

14.50 – 14.55 Full course entry open for practice
15.15 – Men; seniors and juniors 1h30

We are sorry not to offer a devoted practice session immediately prior to the 13.30 start but our volunteers need to get lunch and take a short break in the middle of a busy day.

If you do not have a Beastway MTB chipped number there will be one waiting for you at the distanced registration desk. This will be near the main entry to the building or on the verandah past the cafe, depending on wind strength/direction.
Riders already with a chipped number should be ready for their race and have pre-ridden the course with the number showing. Riders with numbers who are not entered will be taken off the course. Please do not ride on any part of the course during other races and certainly not without your number board fitted.
Do not fold your number board as you will be required to straighten it out and only use the tabs provided.
Yes please, if you are not intending to race any further rounds we would like your number board returned.

The course is riding very nicely since we raced it on Wednesday after a lot of rain had softened the ground. Long sections are on made trails which are not affected by rain so most people ride with a bit less grip than if the course was all earthen singletrack. We have amended the course slightly to avoid the worst wet ground in the lower woods. There are A and B lines in three places, all of which are signed. At the bridge crossover the B-line requires you to give way when passing across the live course in order to get to your continuation. At recent races there were very few takers on the B-line.

Course plan is the yellow line. Red shows the start loop and grid orientation. Orange indicates where the Feed and Tech zones are.
Under 12 & 10s course is cut shorter using lines in blue

Podiums are not allowed under the terms of ‘Return to Racing’ but we will set out awards for self-service when the time is right and we will tell you this on the PA, making a distanced medal pic opportunity possible. Medal awards are offered by BC Eastern Region for its championships and we will have an award for the winner of each race, regardless of region. Please give us a little extra time to make sure we have the three eligible riders from the complete category result. Regional medal awards, gold, silver, bronze will be made as follows;-
Juvenile M F
Youth M F
Junior M
Senior M
Vet M 40+
Vet M 50+
Vet M 60+

We will add awards for women winners in each category of that race where BC has determined that numbers entered are too low for an award in some categories.

The u10 and u12 events are ‘unofficial’ regional championships so we will award the winner of each race with this title.

British Cycling has categorised this event as suitable for the award of Regional A points on the appropriate tariff. We hope this will help riders with their gridding at national events.

In these times it is complicated to put on events and we will see what we can do with regard to a prize list.

The Centre is registered for Test & Trace and is COVID-secure. The pavilion will be open for toilets and lockers are open, but of course distancing, hand washing and mask wearing is all obligatory. Showers and changing rooms remain closed. Mask-wearing indoors and distancing at all times remain a condition of our presence. No groups of more than six, unless from a single household…
A distanced seating arrangement may be in place in the cafe which means a greatly reduced capacity, so the main focus will be on serving food to take outdoors. You will not be welcome to ‘camp out’ there. Kit left in any way that inconveniences other users is likely to be removed for later reclaim. Bring a Pound coin for the lockers – it’s returned after use.

Car parking is ample, but only if everyone parks tidily in rows. There is not room for mobile homes or team set-ups in these times. Overflow unrestricted parking is available along the opposite side of Forest Road from the main entrance.

Races and results

You’ll find all our race results on the Beastway Results server which Chris Clague has been working on, along with our own timing tech that’s way beyond off-the-shelf. And it’s a good thing too as we have a whole flurry of races coming up, including the BC Eastern Region Championships MTB XCO on Sunday 23 May, plus another XCO on Sunday 6 June as part of our whole series with nine Wednesday evening races from May into June when we are also running the Beastway London Summer Cyclocross series across four races. That’s hundreds of racers and thousands of laps to record times for, then interpret into race results and series standings.
It’s only the chip in your number board that makes all this possible, so look after it! We do keep a manual scribe of rider numbers through the line, just like in the old days but we find riders really like the immediacy of getting results before they get home from the race, along with all the detail we can provide of lap times and race analysis.

So let’s look at the big race coming up which is the British Cycling Eastern Regional Championships.
Shhh, don’t tell anyone but here’s our course plan and some other info for riders;-

Like it says up there in big letters; COVID regulations apply. That means not coming if you have any symptoms or are isolating for any reason in your household. It means distancing, mask-wearing and hygiene. It means not crowding at start or after the finish. It means checking-in with Test and Trace. It means no motor homes in the site and certainly no overnight stays or camping. We’re still checking about the Feed and Tech Zone because these are self-service only until we hear otherwise and it certainly means any equipment that is touched cannot be shared, which does make things a bit difficult unless you’re in a shared household. – Self-reliance is probably the best way to go, so carry some sealant and gas, maybe a quick-link, a bottle on your bike and away you go. Ride your luck and anyway a trip to the pits never won a race.
We do a contactless sign-on and only accept advance entry through British Cycling’s system. No pre-entry, no ride.
The cafe will be serving a selection of drinks, cakes and hot food to a distanced queue inside but you must take your refreshments outside. Toilets are open inside with distancing and a one-way system along the corridor.
There is lots of car parking on-site and even more along the opposite side of Forest Rd from the entry. Public transport is nearby, though you will need to check bike policy on trains to Goodmayes and underground to Fairlop which are within ten minutes’ ride of the Centre.
We need to find a way to distance the award of regional medals and prizes on each race as there is to be no podium.
BC are now awarding points. Our usual Wednesday evening blasts of one-hour, everyone on course with categories mixed is a Regional C points tariff. The regional championships is a regional A offering three times that points tally at precisely the time when points are very scarce and national events are coming up, where gridding can be key.

Our grid is socially distanced as regulations require. It’s 20 rows spaced at 3 metres with five places across an 8 metre road circuit. Yep, it’s 60m from the last row to the front. We prioritise based on known speed of each rider. It definitely helps if you’ve ridden with us before but we will also consider your licence status, if Expert or Elite, and we’ll look to find you in other race results. We rely on you to enter at least two days in advance of the closing date for consideration. Whatever, wherever you are gridded, that is one heck of a road climb and wide infield section from the grid to the line for first passage, meaning you can move up if we got your level of speed wrong.
Last things on gridding:- We try our best to get gridding just about right because we don’t want any bottlenecking AND our word is final so go to your allotted row and fit in. Starts will not be made with riders out of place and it will be evident who’s causing that delay, which may shorten your race and nullify any award.

Another thing that’s up there in big letters is that the Championships course will be subject to a test-run at round 3 of Beastway on 19 May. If you’ve not raced with us at Hog Hill before it’s worth a trip for you to get acquainted and for us to know from your result where to put you on the grid.
For the full series and race info, plus where to enter go to this page of the BC Events Calendar that lists all Beastway MTB races.

Note: You do not need to be a member of British Cycling to enter this race, and riders from all regions are welcome. In order to be eligible for the Regional Championships you must hold a racing licence from British Cycling and reside within the known boundaries of the Eastern Region. Check with BC if you have any questions about all that.

Here is the timetable for the day of XCO racing at the Regional Championships

Short course open from 09.30

10.00 – under 10  10mins short course
10.15 – under 12  15mins short course

10.35 – 10.40 Full course entry open for practice
11.00 – Youth & Juveniles 30mins

11.35 – 11.40 Full course entry open for practice
12.00 – Veteran Men 1h15

13.30 – Women (seniors, veterans and juniors) 1h15

14.50 – 14.55 Full course entry open for practice
15.15 – Men; seniors and juniors 1h30

We are sorry not to offer a devoted practice session immediately prior to the 13.30 start but our volunteers need to get lunch and take a short break in the middle of a busy day.
We would love to offer the razzamatazz of a podium presentation but it will have to be quiet pride for our race winners and regional champions as they pick up their own awards.
We are all always busy on race day. We’d love to stop for a chat and get around all the social media and messaging but we don’t because there just is not time. Please understand this is not us being unresponsive, it’s because we are concentrating to deliver a good event.
Have a great day’s racing and best wishes to the Regional Champions from your Beastway Team.

Venue address: Redbridge Cycling Centre (Hog Hill) Forest Road, Hainault. IG6 3HP

Getting into the groove

So happy to be back at the races, even with the pandemic provisions still in place. Actually the spaced grid has brought some benefits and seems a bit less frantic, so long as riders know their allotted row and go to it. The regular hill start going up the road climb whichever way brings a new dimension to the early phase of each race and it’s our aim to place racers alongside those of similar speed for close racing and fewer bottlenecks at the beginning.

Work over the winter to prepare the trails has been greatly helped by the first two races taking place just after bouts of much-needed rain that fell on rock hard dry clay. We actually use a rotavator to churn the sloppy ground in winter with the aim of giving it a second going-over and then raking to create that groove of fast flowing singletrack that gets its final polish in early races. You’ll find it around our courses this year.

..and we’re back!

After only being able to run two events last year – Tour of the Cornfields & Tour of the Hopfields – we are ready to run a full season in 2021. Of course there will be social distancing and public health measures in place as we get through this pandemic but it’s worth it for proper racing.
There will be NINE one-hour Wednesday evening races in May and June, plus TWO full XCO races on Sundays 23 May and 6 June with Regional A status for extra ranking points. The first XCO will also be the British Cycling Regional Championships on Sunday 23 May where riders from the region will compete along with all other regions who are welcome to join. We’ll pick out the regional placings later based on eligibility of BC membership and address. You don’t have to be a British Cycling member to take part in Beastway races but we continue to offer our race entry through their calendar since we organise under their rules and use their insurance to be sure of doing things properly.

Beastway MTB Series 2021

  • Round 1 – Wednesday 5 MAY
  • Round 2 – Wednesday 12 MAY
  • Round 3 – Wednesday 19 MAY
  • Round 4 – Sunday 23 MAY – XCO and REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS
  • Round 5 – Wednesday 26 MAY
  • Round 6 – Wednesday 2 JUNE
  • Round 7 – Sunday 6 JUNE – XCO with REGIONAL A POINTS
  • Round 8 – Wednesday 9 JUNE
  • Round 9 – Wednesday 16 JUNE
  • Round 10 – Wednesday 23 JUNE
  • Round 11 – Wednesday 30 JUNE

For our own series points it will be your best NINE rounds to count towards the series prizes. Our series awards are always special. The two XCO rounds will have their own awards and of course the title of Regional Champion will be awarded to the eligible riders (BC members residing in the region).

Full MTB series info and entry here (opens in new tab)

Beastway London Summer Cyclocross Series 2021
Four races in four weeks in June.

  • Round 1 – Thursday 3 JUNE, Hog Hill London IG6 3HP
  • Round 2 – Thursday 10 JUNE, Hog Hill London IG6 3HP
  • Round 3 – Thursday 17 JUNE, Herne Hill  London SE24 9HE
  • Round 4 – TUESDAY 22 JUNE, Herne Hill  London SE24 9HE – Finale prizegiving and BAR (fingers crossed)

The Summer Cross races are a chance to test bikes and riders as new people come in to try our sport.  – Perhaps they will stay at it into the ‘muddy months’ but whatever, these races are always super-popular and a great way to enjoy the light summer evenings. Particularly when we hit the Tuesday finale normality may have resumed and we can make the most of the bar at Herne Hill. 🙂 More details and online entry here (opens in new tab)

See also the Cornfields / Hopfields tab above for details of our off-road gravel sportives

Public Health Announcement

We have been watching the coronovirus virus since January. On 24 Feb we agreed among ourselves that some action could be required. On 13 March we were told by British Cycling that racing could carry on. This was revised on 17 March to be a full ‘ban’ on all organised rides and races until 30 April.
Our first round is on 3 May. We are waiting in hope.
Should we set the Beast on it?

Image result for coronavirus

Beastway 2020 – Wider vision

We want to bring bigger MTB XC events to you at our playground on Hog Hill.  This year our opening round is a Big Weekender on Sunday 3 May.  This is a Category A event with separate races for Women and for Vets.            Series and round 1 entry 

Over the winter we have been working to properly widen and polish the trails. There has even been a compactor/wacker plate used on multiple days, as we try to bring you smoother rolling. We are building some new features to enhance our technical sections, whilst still welcoming all novice riders.

Points mean prizes
Winners at Category A Regional Events get 60 points which is TRIPLE the usual BC ranking 20 points for a Beastway win AND they are awarded for every start.  Sixty points can get a top gridding at a National XC so it’s well worth getting your entry sorted out. PLUS we offer an extra 50% Beastway ranking points on this XC round.
There will be a longer lap and it’s a longer race for you.
Check your start time and pay attention to when you will be able to practice.

09:45 Short course open for practice & sighting lap
10:00 u10 race 10mins
10:15 u12 race 15mins
(Short course closed, full course opened up)
10.35 Full course open for practice
10.40 Course entry closes for practice

11:00 Youth race 30mins

11:35 Course open for practice
11:40 Course entry closes for practice

12:00 Veteran Men 1h15mins
13:30 Women – Senior, Junior, all Vets –  1h15 mins
(Women: We will try to get an extra sighting lap on the tail of the Vet men’s race but it’s not guaranteed in this tight schedule)

14:50 Course open for practice
14:55 Course entry closed for practice

15:15 Senior Men 90 mins (&JuniorMs 60mins)
17:00 all finished

After the Big Weekender, we go back to the usual format right through May and June on eight Wednesday evenings.  At 18.45 we have an u10 and u12 race on their short lap. This should be finished by 19.10, which means you have time to get a practice lap before the main start at 19:30. Youth and juveniles of suitable standard will be called to their start at around 19:50. Racing ends around 20:30.

Rounds 2 – 9. Race Dates: 6, 13, 20 & 27 May, 3, 10, 17 & 24 May

British Cycling licence points are awarded by them, based on their interpretation of the results we supply automatically, usually within 20 minutes of each finish.
Round 1 Regional A BC licence points will be awarded on each separate race result as follows;- 1st:60 , 2nd:50 , 3rd:45 ,  4th:40 , 5th:36 , 6th:32 , 7th:28 , 8th:26 , 9th:24 , 10th:22
11:20, 12:19, 13:18, 14:17, 15:16, 16:15, 17:14, 18:13, 19:12, 20:11

Rounds 2 – 9 Regional C BC licence points will be awarded on the race as a whole;-
1:20, 2:18, 3:16, 4:14, 5:12, 6:10, 7:9, 8:8, 9:7, 10:6, 11:5, 12:4, 13:3, 14:2, 15:1
(This means that a Vet could come around all the seniors and take the 20points)

Beastway ranking points are worked out as follows:-
NINE rounds in total, with the best SEVEN to count.
In each category we normally allocate series points as follows;-
Placing/points: 1/20 2/16 3/13 4/11 5/9 6/7 7/6 8/5 9/4 10/3 11/2 12/1
However, since you will be racing for 50% longer, in the opening round points are higher;-
Placing/points: 1/30 2/24 3/20 4/17 5/13 6/10 7/9 8/8 9/6 10/5 11/3 12/2

Our categories are;-
Elite/Expert*, Sport, Vet, GrandVet, SuperVet, Junior, Youth Juvenile, u12, u10
*If you are Elite or Expert, it must state this on your BC licence. This is the only category for which a BC membership is required. All other riders do not need a BC membership or licence.

Beastway awards are splendid!
Series and round 1 entry 

Look out for our other events on the tabs above:-
Tour of the Hopfields 12 July. Summer Cross in July. Tour of the Hopfields 6 September