Summer Cross


We are the organisers of the London Summer Cyclocross Series in 2018.

Detailed results are posted on our results server

Times, dates, venues and entry

We have set times for races to keep things simple and so we can pack up in daylight.
u12 race: 6.00pm.
Youth race: 6.30pm.
Seniors, veterans, juniors: 7.15pm

Round 1  Thursday 5 July Leyton Jubilee Park

A very warm day with scorched dry grass that was surprisingly slippy, no matter what tyre choice you made.

We delayed the u12 start as long as we could, with heavy traffic for those being brought by car and then got our other races away on time. There were over 100 starters in the senior race. Instead of the seven or eight minutes expected for the full lap, the leaders produced times well under four minutes, but with a wide course all the way round it was only the pinch points at embankments and the steps where anyone had to hold back.

Our full results, including lap times and detailed placing analysis can be seen at .

Here are the series standings after Round 1
see we told you we would separate the results from a single start

Summer Series CX Points after Round 1
Rank Name Team Points Gap
Senior M
1 MADGWICK, James Bloodwise QSW 17
2 CHECKETTS, Freddie Rapha Cycling Club 13 4
3 MOESLI, Edward 10 7
5 NOBLE, Matthew OCTAVE 6 11
7 PAYNE, Matthew 4 13
8 BAINES, Jesse 3 14
9 ARMENTA BUTT, Leo Hub Velo 2 15
10 LEACH, James Imperial Racing Team 1 16

Junior M
1 BLAKE, Max Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 17
2 SALES, George Maison du Velo 13 4
3 WARD, Micheal VC Londres 10 7

Senior W
1 MOREAU, Adeline The 5th Floor Cycle Club 17
2 DUFFY, Jessica Bianchi Dama 13 4
3 WOZNICKA, Agata Sunday Echappee 10 7
4 SADLER, Jessica Hub Velo 8 9

Junior W
1 HAYES, Connie LIV AWOL 17

Veteran 40 M
1 MOONEY, Mike Hub Velo 17
2 LEWIS, Benjamin Forest Side Riders 13 4
3 PURCELL, Robert Neon-Velo Cycling Team 10 7
4 DEAR, James Crawley Wheelers 8 9
5 GAONI, Enrico Rapha Cycling Club 6 11
6 CALVERT, Mark Team Trident 5 12
7 BRAID, Dan Sigma 4 13
8 BEXLEY, Dylan Dulwich Paragon CC 3 14
9 WILLARD, Jolyon PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team 2 15
10 POWERS, Andrew CS Grupetto 1 16

Veteran 50 M
1 COULSON, Steve 17
2 PENTNEY, Graham Greenwich Tritons 13 4
3 CORBY, Dan London Phoenix CC 10 7
4 PHILLIPS, Sam Rapha Cycling Club 8 9
5 CODRINGTON, Charlie Dulwich Paragon CC 6 11
6 FREER, Graham Hackney GT 5 12
7 HAYES, Patrick Hub Velo 4 13
8 CROWE, Russell Abellio – SFA Racing Team 3 14
9 DALE, Rob Woolwich CC 2 15
10 LEWEY, Richard Crystal Palace Triathletes 1 16

Veteran 60 M
1 WHALLEY, Terry Ford Cycling Club 17

Veteran 40 F
1 MULLIGAN, Caroline Greenwich Tritons 17
2 LAWSON, Laura Romford CC 13 4
3 REED, Lucy Kent Velo Girls CC 10 7

Veteran 50 F
1 ORR, Elizabeth Kent Velo Girls CC 17

Under 16 M
1 BOLTON, Max Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 17
2 BROWN, Caleb Team Darenth 13 4

Under 14 M
1 SMITH, Elliot Sutton Cycling Club/ C & N Cycles 17
2 STEER, Robin Cycling Club Hackney 13 4
3 COUZINS, Conrad Cycling Club Hackney 10 7
4 BOULTON, Raphael VC Londres 8 9

Under 14 F
1 MINALE, Anoushka Hub Velo 17
2 BOLTON, Eleanor Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 13 4

Under 12 M
1 HACK-LAZZARI, Milo Cycling Club Hackney 17
2 BLAEN, Ethan Peebles CC 13 4

Under 12 F
1 WILLIS, Skye Panagua CC 17

Full results and series standings at .

Over to Stuart McGhee and the Sutton CC for round 2 at Frylands

This round will be run with conventional pinned-on race numbers and manual timings. Check back after the race for the updated series standings, once we have swallowed the results from Stuart.

Under 12s    £5    
Youth           £8
Junior          £15
Senior          £20
Veteran        £20

We encourage you to make pre-entry through the links for each round below. This will save you time and the uncertainty of races being full. Entry on the Day with payment by cash or card is possible, but please be patient and help us get your details correct.



Round 2  Thursday 19 July

Frylands Wood Scout Outdoor Centre
Address: Featherbed Ln, Croydon CR0 9AA
Frylands has some tricky woodland sections and lots of elevation change on a course that’s usually quite long. Stuart McGhee and the Sutton CC are promoting this round.
Parking is possible within the grounds of the centre, but please make sure you keep it tidy and only park where directed. HQ is near to the lower car park.

Enter round 2 here

Round 3  Thursday 2 August

Beckenham Place Park East
Address: Old Bromley Road, Downham BR1 4JZ
We’re on the flatlands East of the railway so expect an emphasis on hurdles and labyrinth layouts.
On street parking is possible and we have some limited parking in race HQ which is at TenEmBee Sports Foundation. We request a £2 donation be made to the club and we ask you not to ride on any grass inside the club. Please note the race venue is on the other side of the park from the mansion where we raced last year. – Note map. No prizes for going to the mansion by mistake.

Enter round 3 here

Round 4  Thursday 16 August

Herne Hill Velodrome
Address: 104 Burbage Road, Herne Hill SE24 9HE

Herne Hill has some features that have become monuments of London cross, especially if the puddles are full and infield is slippy.
Parking is limited in the venue and around this residential district. There will be catering including a bar and we will have a series awards ceremony.

Enter round 4 here


Points mean prizes

Each round will have a podium for categories within each Youth and under 12 race. These are sponsored by businesses and supporting clubs. Please honour the podium ceremonies which we endeavour to make as soon as possible after each race. Sometimes we have to get on with the race programme and keep events running to time, so please be patient.
Any rider not present to collect an award will be deemed to have donated their prize to the promotion for it to dispose of at its own discretion*.

There is a significant cash prize pot across a broad range of senior categories, with awards being made at the ceremony after the final round.

Prize-paying positions will be determined on category points as scored at your best THREE of FOUR rounds (…it is holiday time, after all).

Points scored in category races as follows;-

Win    17
2nd    13
3rd     10
4th       8
5th       6
6th       5
7th       4
8th       3
9th       2
10th     1

In the event of a tie, the decider will be on which rider has the highest discarded score and then which rider scored higher at the most recent race. Any prize not claimed at the presentations is deemed to be donated to the promotion for distribution as it decides*.

You can now enter the full series here


Chip timing for happy riders

Beastway provided the timing and results to last year’s Summer Cross so the chip timing should be familiar because we pioneered the tail numbers format there.

In addition to this blog we have a dedicated results server at where you can find lots more detail about how you raced.

We would like to provide live commentary and music at the promotions, but most venues do not allow PA systems. To make up for this we will see what we can do about serving live race information and results to your smartphone wifi.

Your entry includes a race number board to stay with you through the series. This helps with points and rider registration at each round. It has a chip inside and we ask you not to fold it in any way, nor to use zip-ties. We won’t be sympathetic if your result is missing because you’ve mucked up the chip.

Your race number is to be attached to your saddle and seatpin using only the velcro tabs we supply. A chip is concealed inside and this must be mounted on the rear of your saddle so we can see the number from both sides. Do not fold or puncture the card in any way. No zipties, no sticky tape, no ‘creative’ positioning.


Riders who are only doing one round are requested to hand back their race number at the end and there will be a drop bin for this. Otherwise, please keep your number safe and bring it along to the next round. If your forget to bring it, or if you want a second race number for any reason we will charge you £5.

Round 2 of the series is being promoted by Stuart McGhee who has opted to use conventional pinned numbers and manual timing. Anyone who raced round 1 will be on Stuart’s sign-on sheets with their r1 race number in a reference column. You will be issued with a one-off number for r2, but your series number will operate again for r3 and r4.

Special note on “Riding Up”:- We have been asked about this and followed on with a request to BCHQ. The answer came back as a very firm; “Riding up is NOT allowed”.
Our age bands are the same as for last cross season because they don’t change until 1st of September. – If you were an u12 last winter, that’s what you will be now. If you turned Vet in the last few months, you could still be a senior …and so on.
Under 10 riders are also u12. Sorry but there is not enough time to give them a separate race.  BC regulations allow for this**
Please don’t try to enter a race that is not for your age category***. Our sign-on system will not allow any entries that are out-of-category and if any such entry is discovered later on it will be removed from the series and you will get no points. BCHQ sanctions riders separately as well.

Bring your number to every round you race, or please return it straight after if you’re only riding the once. There will be a drop bin for this.
Mount the number on your saddle rail and seat post using only the velcro tabs we issue.
There are no dossards or numbers to pin on so if you insist on running more than one bike, we will need you to have two numbers that will be paired with your ID.
We charge £5 for any subsequent number board, whether it’s to go on a spare bike or because you forgot your series number.
Extra fixing tabs cost 50p each so look after the ones we issue.
In more than 2000 rides we have not had a rider lose their number during an event. The tabs work very well with our slot-cut number boards.
Second bikes and The Pits.
We prompted a debate on the Facebook group about bike changes because many riders get to the races by bike and because there is very limited parking at most venues. This revealed that most would prefer bike changes NOT to be allowed, but of course those who want to race with a spare bike are more vociferous. Fair enough.
Bike changes will be allowed and we will have to cater for this in our numbering scheme. If you want to change bikes, please let us know at sign-on and we will provide a second number board which comes at a cost of £5 for the whole series.
The Pits will be designated by yellow flags in the usual way and divided into two parts to keep ‘supported’ riders with helpers and equipment separated from the stacks of equipment that are left there by unsupported riders. We ask you inform your supporters of this and ensure they leave the gangways clear. Please remember that The Pits are not the ideal place for a social gathering.
We cannot guarantee that there will be more than one opportunity to pit per lap owing to the nature of some venues and the need to eliminate an obvious short-cut.
And please note: You will not be charged for using the pits…

Our gravel ride:-


Once again we are delighted to bring you the TOUR of the CORNFIELDS on Sunday 2 September. This is our off-road sportive and pre-season cyclocross shakedown for all on gravel, cross and MTB bikes over 100km of byways, bridleways and lanes between Cambridge, Bedford and Huntingdon. A 50km option is offered if you prefer more time for cake at our lovely refreshments stop. The start and finish are at the prestigious National Trust’s Wimpole Hall estate.

*Tour of the Cornfields has made cyclocross coaching possible through its financial support and we hope to continue this in 2018.

**5.10 Under 12s shall compete only amongst themselves. Event organisers may choose to sub-divide the Under 12 category into separate races or starts for different age groups (e.g.U10s, U8s etc). Where such races are held, riders may only compete in the youngest age group to which they are eligible.

We have opted not to provide a separate race for u10s because the u12 event can include them and will be the better for it.

***Age categories for Summer Cross

Please make sure you know which category you are in for this series.
    Cat Year of Birth
18:00 – 12 minutes race
    [U10 2008-2018]
     U12 2006-2007
18:30 – 25 minutes race
    [U14 2004-2005]
     U16 2002-2003
19:15 – 60 minutes race
    [Junior         2000-2001]
     Senior         1978-1999
     V40 1968-1977
    [V50 1958-1967]

[V60 1900-1957]

[Age subcategories which we will separate in the results and will try to make on-the-day podium awards in Youth and U12 races]

And here are the relevant regulations on age groups;-

5.9 The following age categories and sub-categories may be recognised in Federation cyclo-cross events;-
Under 12: Up to 31st August in the year of 12th birthday (Note ‘up to’:- There is no definition of an u10 or u8 in the regs)
Youth: from 1st September in the year of 12th birthday to 31st August in the year of 16th birthday
[Youth – U14: from 1st September in the year of 12th birthday to 31st August in the year of 14th birthday]
Junior: from 1st September in the year of 16th birthday to 31st August in the year of 18th birthday
Senior: from 1st September in the year of 18th birthday
Veteran: from 1st September in the year of 40th birthday
[Vet 40: from 1st September in the year of 40th birthday to 31st August in the year of 50th birthday
Vet 50: from 1st September in the year of 50th birthday to 31st August in the year of 60th birthday
Vet 60: from 1st September in the year of 60th birthday to 31st August in the year of 70th birthday
Vet 70+ from 1st September in the year of 70th birthday]

Full info (opens as PDF, in new window) at: