One final polish

We’ve spent a day tightening the tape and cutting the brashy overhangs. Course is all smooth, if maybe a little slick. There are a couple of low sections that could go either way; depending on tomorrow’s weather they will either get heavy, or grooved-out and quick. The showers have mostly stayed away and it’s forecast dry with heavy rain supposedly when we’re done and medals awarded.

We’ve made one significant change in our race plan;-
Youths and Juveniles will now start from the seniors grid but they will then go around the lower circuit anti-clockwise to join the course around 1.6km from the line. It’s marked in pink on the new course plan. This loop, added to a 20-minute lap will give the 30-minute race duration and the road circuit start loop will line-out the field ready to join the course on flat grass before a fun mound feature on the course which is not restricted on width. There’s also a bonus for supporters of young riders because the start, the loop and the first part of the off-road are all near to the Feed and Tech Zone #2 that comes at 1.4km from the line.

Here’s the new course plan, made to show the youth start loop.

You can download or copy this plan onto your smart phone.


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