Beastway 2019 round 5 – Into the light

20190522_203919 (2)

Hurrah! It was a fine Spring day with another fast flowing course. Beastway always has lots of friendly competition through all its categories which means it’s not all about the pointy end of the race.

Terry Whalley leads the SuperVets and Jules Reuter this week won from series-leading Caelan Miller in the Youths (you won’t catch Caelan with his head up in a race…) .

..and here’s the whole Reuter family racing portrait. Caroline leads the womens’ series.

Jules Birks won the senior mens’ race and Matt Webber, first Vet didn’t catch him.

We’re now half way through the series with plenty more fun coming up. If you want to see how you’re doing in the series there’s a full standings online here (opens in new tab), where you can also see all the individual race results and much more analysis.

Full results from the evening’s races are always available at and there’s always new stuff on the FB page (opens in new tab)


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