Beastway 2019 round 4 – On hard ground

Matt Webber could not be contained by the seniors, coming through them all after around a minute delay and so the veteran rider took this week’s win. Of course we also keep a record of the standings in each category too as we build to the season awards at the end of June.  Caroline Reuter leads the womens’ standings.















Trails that were sloppy mud last week have now hardened as smoother grooves, whilst others we dug in winter are like gravel.  We will continue to use a variety of layouts to bring a different challenge each week. There’s always some sections that are popular  – Top Woods, Isaac’s, Bottom Woods which we cleared years ago – but we’re developing more to become regular favourites.
The singletrack in the lower infield between The Sump and the Rollers, for instance has been greatly improved. Where it was lumpy and with great open cracks that could swallow a wheel, the winter’s work and last week’s round has produced the smooth groove we all love to ride. Here’s William Linton in the groove.

This week’s results and all the standings are on the results server

There’s a great gallery of pics by superstar MTB photographer Geoff Waugh which is well worth a look. As a series sponsor, Geoff is donating some prints for our prizes and has made these images available for Beastway riders to use. Thanks Geoff!

View the Geoff Waugh gallery here.


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