Beastway 2019 round 2 – It went dark

Much shorter course this week, using some of our best bits and still polishing new trails. Your organiser was wandering around with star photog Geoff Waugh but it was actually too dark for his film camera project. He’ll be back.
Up at the line, we started to collect sunglasses off riders as the gloom gathered while the rain held off again and darkness came down. Just one rider had thought to mount a front light and he ended up travelling round with a swarm of new-found friends. Sunset was at 20:22 but the heavily overcast sky was keeping all sunshine well away.
Next week it’s likely the lower woods will be in the course, so riders should think about a front light (rears are not allowed). Sunset is at 20:34
Mark Shepherd of Fruit4London won the Senior mens’ race, Matt Webber was first Vet but they were both behind Junior Max Bolton who finished six laps in 1h00,24″. Caroline Reuter was fastest woman, racing five laps in 1h02:57.  Tucked inside the race, the youths started after the seniors first lap. Alfie Salmon completed four laps to win the u16M and Samuel Leslie the u14M. Lucy Warner was the only youth woman finisher.
Good overtaking, everyone. Thank you. It makes it so much better for everyone to keep the race attitude sweet. We welcome all civil comments about race conduct.

Your u12 race was on another long lap around the upper circuit with James Oates taking the boys race and Georgina Bromley winning in the girls’.

Category results can be found here


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