Round 2 preview: Fivers and Chips

Round 2 is our first Wednesday evening race of the Stevens Beastway 2017 series. Course as planned is 4.2km of fast sections with some efforts on old, new and renewed sections. It’s also the second outing for our chip timing so there are a couple of things to let you know.

First, Chris Clague has done a great job to integrate a load of things so we now have a completely competent system to take you from entry to result.

Here’s the course we have for you. It’s a bit up and down. Fast.

Behind the scenes
We continue to score manually and by laptop, as well as using the chips. – We will get a result! Round 1 saw us having a slight panic on chip timing because races seemed to disappear from the system just when we saved them. They didn’t.  Chris’ cool intervention saw all races retrieved and all chip readings analysed. We go into round 2 a lot more confident in the chip system and of course our manual systems are top!! We also thank Bill Wright, former Structureless Tyranny stalwart for his help and some loans of equipment. We’ve now bought all our own and will commission the gear shortly.

Boards cost money
Riders who entered the first round were not charged for their boards. Riders who entered the full series have personalised plates. From now on there is a single £5 charge for any new or forgotten series board issued. There always was a board charge. We’re also adding a new type of charge from now on*. We suggest you take your board off after racing and keep it with your kit to avoid losing it on the way home.

Getting to the race
Racing starts at 19:30 for seniors, with Youth and Juveniles joining 15-20 mins later. We know it can be a rush to the race so we have used our tech to speed up sign on. You can do this online up until Monday night through the BC calendar, but you are also more welcome than ever to enter on arrival. We now have card payment too! If you’re on site in time, please don’t leave it too late to get signed on because we try to accommodate late arrivals too. Last year the bought-in online race system was clunky for late arrivals and caused us many delays when loading the list of signed on riders.

Pre-ride of the course is fully open from 19:00, after the u10s & u12s have raced on their short course. You can ride the rest of the course from 18:00 or so. Make sure you have your number on at all times when riding the course or we will pull you out to get signed on and covered under our event insurance. We ask all practicing riders not to cross the line or congregate too close to it since it pings the chips.

After your race please think about staying a short while to help take down the course. It’s important to us that we recycle>reuse the tape, which we collect on a bobbin. Then take the pins to the nearest part of the road circuit. Please – never mix tape and pins!

If you’re able to volunteer from 2pm on a race day, we can offer refreshments and / or a race entry. Just turn up and we will find stuff for you to do.

What’s the point?
This series has always been about fast, friendly and fun racing. Just because we have BC points, a commissaire, insurance, proper trails and some old hands don’t let’s forget how many racers have started out with the series and we make new riders welcome. It’s a great midweek blast for training.
*Please do not try to race with your number board on if you have not paid the entry fee. If you do, our system will tell us and it won’t classify you in the results. We will then charge you an extra £5 to have your result classified, if the commissaire has not pulled you out first. Please regard this as a late entry fee because you made extra work for us.

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